Friday, December 30, 2016

Lost time.

Where does the time go?  Good thing I didn't think I was going to do a post a day during December!  I couldn't even get my November small and finish posted.

We remodeled an empty bedroom into a new office/den and I am SO DISORGANIZED!  It's hard to move your office space.  I had some built in storage and am now trying to figure out the right way to store stuff using an old farm house table as a desk.  It does not help that my cats LOVE this room and race in whenever they see me heading there.  As you can imagine, they are so very helpful, not.

I do have some finishes, though.

Making project bags is all the rage right now.  Since I've been kitting and starting all willy-nilly having some new project bags has served me well.

The pattern: Zippered Style File by The Quilt Company is a very easy and fun pattern that has taught me not to fear zippers. (It is just a project sheet so I can't show a picture and I also couldn't find a link aside from where a shop could buy a large quantity of these patterns...sorry.)  The instructions are clear and 'almost' fool proof.  Of course, if you zip the zipper shut then keep pulling the tab right off the end of the entire zipper before sewing the edges, you're going to have a problem. I only did that once (and then again while making the little Lazy Girl bags).

These bags use any combination of fabric you want between the front pocket,

the back pockets...there is one with a velcro flap

and one that you can just slip things into...

and the lining.

I kept looking at my fabric collection and seeing more and more options so I kept making them.

I pulled out my serger and gave it a nice work out.

I have gifted a few of these and filled the rest.

My next zipper adventure was using a Lazy Girl pattern called:  Sweetpea Pods.  This pattern uses a method where the zipper is taken apart and reassembled using only half of the zipper and the original pull.  These were also quite fun to make.

I gave some of these away, too.  They work well to hold little things in a project scissors.  I also filled them with pink Wonder Clips to give to some quilting friends.

Just in time for Bonnie Hunter's newest mystery I finished the one from last year.

I am not sure why it got neglected.  Probably between my Florida travel and costume making I just put it aside and never gave it a second thought.

I also remember not liking it all that much.  I'm not sure why.

On the cross stitch front I finished Tree Lot by Little House Needleworks.  I am a fool for any pattern with a tree in a truck or on the roof of a car.

I also finished Jeanette Douglas's Florida Sampler.

My HEAD got another page completed.  Because the background is just colors flowing left to right I sometimes go on over to the next page to end the color.  I learned from that tree that I better start practicing parking.  Even so, there were just so many random stitches that it took me forever to stitch that thing.

Did I mention how I decided to buy the down loadable pattern and the page breaks are different?  I completed page 1 from the paper pattern...which took up part of page 2 in the downloaded version.  Now that I'm following the downloaded pattern my pages are shorter.  I like using my ipad to follow a pattern, though.  I think the next page that falls all the way left is page 8.  I will be glad when I get there and find 25% of the picture already stitched!  

Believe it or not this post has taken me a week, or longer, to complete so I'm going to end it here and post my November and December finished items in another post.  

Happy Stitching.