Pillow Case Tutorial

 Materials needed:   3/4 yard of fabric for the main body
                                         9 or 10 inches by WOF for the cuff
                                         2 1/2 inch by WOF accent piece.

(WOF= width of fabric)

Here are my 3 fabrics. 

 Fold the accent piece in half the long way and press.

 Lay out the cuff piece, face up.
 Pin the accent piece along the top. A key tip here is to put the head of the pin up... you'll appreciate that later.
 Don't worry if your end doesn't match.

Put the body of the case along the top of your other 2 piece FACE DOWN.  Pull out your previous pins and re pin....again with the heads facing out.
 If you pull up the body of the pillow case you will get an idea of what the end result will look like.
 Fold the body of the pillow case....accordion like.  Place it in the center of the cuff. 
Wrap the bottom edge of the cuff up over the accordion folds and match the bottom edge to all of your previously pinned edges.  Here is where you're especially happy that the heads of the pins are easy to pull out and replace. 
 Be careful not to catch ANY of the accordion fabric in what you pin. 
 You will have a tube.  All the pillow case fabric and the accent piece are hidden inside the cuff fabric.
I made a couple little marks towards the ends of the tube exactly 1/4 inch down.  My objective was to make sure each end of the tube was exactly the same size.  You'll want that for when you sew the side seams of the pillow case together so the cuff and accent pieces match up. 
Sew along the long pinned edge of the tube.  You'll be catching both the bottom and the top edge of the cuff, the raw edges of the accent piece, and ONE raw edge of the main fabric. 
Now the fun part..... here is the sewn tube. 
 Pull the main fabric out while turning the tube right sides out.
 This is what it will look like. 
 Give it a good press.
 Check out the flip side... no exposed seams. 
 Now, shape up the edges. 

I like to sew a fancy stitch along the accent piece.  That anchors it to the main body and helps it not get all wonky when it's washed. 
 Fold the pillow case.... WRONG sides together.  Pay extra attention to your accent  and cuff pieces meeting up.  Sew down the side and along the bottom with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. 
 Now.... turn inside out.  I have anchored the edge of the cuff and the accent piece with lots of pins hoping they'll match when sewn again. 
 Stitch along the same side and across the bottom using a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  You don't want any of that previous seam to stick out when you turn it right side out again. 
 Turn it, press it, and be impressed. 
 Even with all my practice and pins I still can't seem to get a perfect match when I do that inside out seam. 
 It's still a cool pillow case that will match my quilt.