Friday, February 26, 2016

A late update.

I traveled home on Wednesday...which ended up including part of I'm a bit late in my Murky Manor update.

Here is an update of my Florida stitching on this long forgotten piece:

This is where I started.

After week 1 it looked like this:

It was a slow start.  I had to figure out where I was, had a false start, then had to change the fiber used in the ghost...which was a very slow stitch.

I felt like week 2 was the week I managed the most stitching time.  It rained steadily for 2 days making outdoor activities unappealing.

During week 3 I made steady progress on the actual mansion.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much more progress I made in week 4 despite thinking I had far less stitching time.  I think that means it has become a much easier piece to work on.

This is where progress comes to a halt as I've left the piece in Florida.  I will be returning to over-see another renovation project so I anticipate a lot of stitching time.  As much as I wanted to just keep going I will have this to look forward to when I return.  Plus, it will save planning and packing for the next time around.

I get to search my stash for something to start.  Who doesn't love that?  I can't even say what I'm leaning towards because, until I'm actually putting needle to fabric, my plan can change.  As my kids would say...squirrel!??


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Another Wednesday update.

Murky Manor is coming along.

Today I can show that I almost stitched another section of the mansion.

I really thought I'd have the windows filled in but last night I had to pick out two sections that were done in the wrong color.  It's not always obvious that you're stitching with the wrong color in a piece like this.  I did keep looking at the picture...which is tiny...but it wasn't until I stitched the next set of shutters that I knew it was wrong.  The pattern uses the same symbol with only slight differences which makes a mistake like this very easy.

There is another mistake in the fence/grass section on the left.  That's why I've abandoned that section.  I'd have to pick out that entire pillar and it's possible that being off by one stitch is not going to matter as the mansion comes together.

I only have one more week in Florida so only one more week to work on this.  I will leave it until I return in April.


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Murky Manor update

Since I started on a Wednesday and will head for home on a Wednesday it is the most logical day for me to track my progress on Glendon Place's Murky Manor.

I started here:

I had a hard time figuring out where to go, had a false start, and ended the first week here:

After building the right corner and removing a portion mis-stitched I ended the second week here:

A couple rainy days helped my productivity.  I am not sure I'll have this much stitched in a single week again but it sure gives me a lot of options as to where to stitch next.


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A noticeable difference.

Changes are small but measurable.

A week ago I showed a picture of Glendon Place's Murky Manor as it stood when I started a month long push to make some serious progress.

This is stitched on a piece of 36 count linen I bought because of the color...not the stitch count.  36 count is really too small for me so it's been a struggle from the first stitch.

Since I really don't want to abandon the piece I pulled it out and brought it to Florida with me.

Stitching was minimal while 'we' embarked on the last major kitchen remodel project.

The before:

After one week of stitching:

It doesn't look like much but that is part of the problem with this piece.  It is SO SLOW.

Our other project picks up where our Florida kitchen remodel left off last year.  I posted lots of pictures last January-February-March as we ripped out and replaced the kitchen in the house we purchased in Florida.

The back splash was the last major piece of the kitchen remodel puzzle.

Such a nice finishing touch.

Next up is the master bathroom.  It can be difficult planning and executing a remodel while living 1200 miles away so I am not sure when the details of the bathroom will be worked out.  Fingers crossed as we have an appointment with a bath remodeling company.