Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Where in the world is The Queen Bee?

Can you guess? 
 No?  How about now?
Yes, Niagara Falls.  And, no, there is pretty much no way I'm getting in that boat and driving right up to them.  Nope. No way.  Feet firmly on the ground for this girl.  (Except I'm doing a zip line some day, should the opportunity ever arise.... and I think it will next summer.)  Oh, and I've been in a hot air balloon twice and I'll jump on about any airplane.  But, other then that I don't like thrill rides.  Unless, of course, it's that ride at an amusement park that flings you UP.  Not the one that takes you up and drops you.... I like to start at the ground.  Ok, we didn't have time for the boat ride. 

We got some education, too.  We look all perky and alert because we were just back from lunch.  That's me in the back.  I've discussed my feelings about hair color before. 
 And, I left this place with 3 times as much money as I went in with. 
And who wouldn't enjoy this view out of my hotel room window?  See that cloud of mist?  That's from the falls.  If you don't know where to go to see them, just follow it.  When you're closer the roar will lead you. 
Niagara Falls, NY Fall 2011 but, as always, I'm glad to be home. 

Friday, September 23, 2011


my house smells like heaven.  Fall is here.  Today started out warm and sunny but quickly turned cold and rainy.  So, what should one do when you need layers of clothes and... yikes.... socks?  Cook. 

First up:  applesauce.  I can still remember what it was like to come home from school and smell those apples cooking down.  It meant warm applesauce for supper.  Only on that first night did we have the applesauce warm.  It wasn't until my husband (pre-husband days, actually) put applesauce in a pan to warm it as a side dish one night when I was visiting his apartment that it ever occurred to me that applesauce could be warm EVERY time you had it.  Doy.  (It's still best the first night, though.)

 I ditched my original plan for supper and made my standby favorite..... Bisquick's Impossible Pie. 
This is my 'go to' supper when there are odds and ends left over.  Tonight it was chicken.  So, in the pie plate goes the chicken, some onion, a little cut up potato, shredded cheese and broccoli.  You can use whatever meat you have left over with whatever vegetable compliments it.  However, it's best when it goes with cheese.  Imagine ham, cheese, mushrooms, and asparagus or turkey, potatoes, cheese, and broccoli.  Pretty much the only thing I've added to the recipe, not called for in the original, are the potatoes.  Sometimes those are left over, too, so what the heck? 
1 cup milk, 2 eggs, and half a cup Bisquick poured over the top, bake at 400' for 30 minutes, let stand for 5 more minutes with a little cheese sprinkled on top and dinner is served.  (Sorry, no picture of the finished product.  Everyone came in the door just as it was coming out of the oven. ) 

We had an exchange student from France once who thought this was the most awesome dish EVER.  She photographed it along with the page out of the recipe book. 

What's your 'go to' recipe that uses left overs or staples and causes everyone to have seconds??  Do tell. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Did you

VOTE yet?  Go.  I'll wait.  See, Alma has promised additional prizes so it's about killing me not to give you a hint as to which one is mine. 

And since you went and voted I'll treat you to a picture of my latest little finish.  It is my 5th Prairie Women's Sewing Circle project called Mrs. Olson's Hatbox.  It's a table runner using 3 Bear Paw blocks. 

I've placed it on my dresser where it compliments the room colors nicely.

Soon I will have the 3rd block in my barn quilt and...knock on wood and cross your fingers...Peppermint Twist.  (Soon is relative to how long this project has taken so don't actually hold your breath or anything.) 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Go vote

HERE for your favorite challenge piece.  Mine is amongst them.  Anna would like people to email their votes so feel free to comment but save your vote for a private email. 

They're all good.  I think I'll be voting for something other then mine.  One of them just catches my eye. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


ever happens to me.   I can't remember the last time I accidentally stumbled upon a cross stitch store.... if ever.  I always have the most current issue of the stitcher's shop guide and check the Internet whenever I'm going to be traveling in an area I've never visited.  I've also studies my own state map in the travel guide so often I can tell you where any shops worth visiting are.  So, I don't expect to be surprised by a shop.  Well, this past Saturday that very thing happened. 

We were off visiting The Scholar for the day and went to a suburban town with a fun touristy Main Street and while walking along what to my wondering eyes should appear but a cross stitch shop!  What a thrill.   I knew there was a quilt store along the street...had even been there before...but I had no idea there was a stitching shop. 

I tried not to take too long so I might have missed a thing or two but was happy to find one of the 3 items on my wish list.  (I know, my wish list is pretty short.) 

Annie Hyssop's Harvest Moon by The Primitive Needle is what's written on that one scrap of paper.  The other paper lists two out of print patterns I'd like to happen upon one day.  Four Seasons by Marjolein Bastin and Prairie Schooler's Christmas Village book #79 are the other patterns.  Four Seasons is currently available on ebay if I really wanted to pursue it and I think I bought a Prairie Schooler that was close enough to Christmas Village.  So, really, my wish list is almost completely fulfilled.  Cool. 

The second pattern by Hillside Samplings has been around since 2002 but as soon as I saw it I knew it was perfect for some of that orange linen I have.  The negative image of a pumpkin would be perfect. 

Fall has arrived.  Buttercup starts school tomorrow and I might have to wear shoes and socks soon.  I'm also hoping for lots of stitching and sewing time now that it's cooler and Buttercup will be gone until supper time.  Hope everyone else is managing the same. 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

What are you going to do with

that quilt?  That's the question I get most often from people I show my quilts to.  Usually my answer is 'nothing'.  It will get folded and displayed, tossed over the couch, or hung on a wall.  I don't usually make them with a bed or recipient in mind. 

Sometimes a quilt gets made because I wanted to take a class or learn a new technique.  That's the reason this quilt came to be.  It's the 2009 Thimbleberries quilt called Three C's. 

(It's tough to get an entire queen sized quilt into a picture.)  Each year Thimbleberries designs a quilt that will be released bit by bit to quilt shops hosting a Thimbleberries Club.  Once a month quilters will gather to receive their next batch of fabrics and the instructions to work towards completing a year long project.  I'd never participated before but have always admired the fabrics and patterns.  So, a few years ago I joined up and worked away at making this quilt.  It was a fun way to get to know a group of quilting ladies and to construct a queen sized quilt in manageable steps. 

I finished my quilt right away and handed it over to the long arm quilter.  When that step was done I brought it home, stitched on the binding and folded it up and tucked it away.  Then, this past spring I was at a meeting at church when we turned to discussing fund raising.  I remembered this quilt and quickly volunteered to donate it for a raffle. 

So, there it is.... up for adoption to the lucky ticket holder.  Come October 15th, at our church's fall dinner, someone will pull a ticket and announce a winner.  $2.00 a pop or 3 for $5.00.  It's not easy to let go, but it is an easy way for me to make a contribution to a worthy cause.  Let us not forget I have 2 kids in college now so creativity in giving is important. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Who's counting?

I'm pretty sure the answer is:  nobody.  The last time I finished a Crazy January Challenge piece I said it was my 11th.  It was really my 10th but nobody checked.  Phew, because this is my 11th....

An Old Bear by Stoney Creek. 

Woops.... the one bear is askew.  I think I'll be restitching how those are placed anyway.  The pattern picture shows 2 bears that face each other.  My bear charms are single sided and face the same way.  I loved that this pattern came with a finishing kit but was MOST surprised that it didn't come with the charms.  It doesn't have the cording or the fabric but I can handle that.  I've seen more recent Stoney Creek kits that say right on the package that they come with everything to finish it.... I'm assuming that means the charms but maybe it includes fabric and cording.  Possibly those of us who bought these kits when they were first out have complained about feeling mislead?  All the same, I'd stitch another because they're cute. 

This weekend we're off to visit The Scholar in College Town West.  (We now have a College Town West and a College Town East.)  Both are 2 hours away.... just in opposite directions.  The Scholar needs less parental assistance with getting to & from school so the Sunday after Thanksgiving won't be as driving intensive as you might think. 

Anyone else looking forward to fall as much as me?  Can't wait for pumpkins and mums and apples.  There is something about this time of year that makes me crave apples baked into everything.