Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I have joined a project of the month called 'Another Year of Schnibbles and A Little Bit More'.  Schnibbles are patterns created by Miss Rosie's Quilting Company using scraps or bits of fabric.  I've always been a fan of Miss Rosie's quilt patterns even though I have only made one pin cushion project. I have a variety of the patterns in my stash that I plan to make.  

For me 'Another Year of Schnibbles' is really A First Year of Schnibbles.  Sinta at Pink Pincushion and Sherry at A Quilting Life host the program.  Each month they announce the pattern and assemble every one's finished photos and create a parade on the first of the following month.

While I have enjoyed the previous parades, and even purchased the book used for last year's Another Year of Schnibbles, I have never joined in.

Since I have a new found freedom and more time in my sewing room I thought I'd play along this year.  There is no guarantee I'll make every one but I did make September's and purchased the next suggested pattern.

Whit is one of Miss Rosie's new designs  called Little Bites.  It is these 'Little Bites' that will be worked into this new year of Another Year of Schnibbles adding the 'Little Bit More' in the title.

I chose to use 2 mini charm packs of Lexington.   My background was a fabric out of my stash called A Quilter's Garden by Bird Brain Designs.  The little blue dots matched perfectly.

Pin wheels are one of my favorite blocks so I placed my blues in such a way that they would create a pinwheel that stood out.  The pattern wasn't necessarily made with one focus fabric standing out but that's the beauty of fabric and patterns.  I little change can give one quilt a whole different look from another. 

These blocks finish at 4 inches! 

I took my completed Whit outside to enjoy a little bit of fall spender.  

I just love this little quilt.  So darn cute and the colors are very 'me'.  

Off to enjoy another wonder fall day. 


Monday, September 29, 2014

The end of another month.

What a busy month.  Not quite the same as when there were kids home but still extra busy.  We visited Buttercup for her Parent's Weekend which was fun.  She goes to school in a beautiful area of NY.  Fall colors everywhere.  Next weekend we are headed to The Boy Wonder's campus for a similar weekend.

Despite my busy days...I have managed to keep up with Winter Solstice.  

This month we have added trees to the design board. Lots of trees.  

Tall, short and medium trees.

I believe sheep are next. 

I have even managed to keep up with another block of the month that I didn't start until 3 months had piled up and I've joined in on another project of the month group that I may not keep pace with but would like to participate in now and again.  I will post that one tomorrow, though. 


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Promised finishes

In my last post I mentioned a couple finishes.

I had to spend time playing with my photo editing in order to show this one.  (Speaking of....I must be more committed to including my name on each picture.  While it gives me a little thrill to see my work show up on Pinterest....I'd like credit!)

A friend was celebrating her 70th birthday so I created a wall hanging that featured her grandchildren.   I played around with the pictures and the applique idea and came up with this.  The green vine is wool so there is a little depth. 

I never ever cut corners but time was running out so I machine sewed the binding on the back...which came out successfully with no evidence on the front...BUT....wouldn't you know it?  When it was passed around the room SOMEONE knew what they were looking at.  Drat.  The recipient is none the wiser but shoot.  Oh well.  It's a one of a kind, can't be duplicated, gift that the recipient was over the moon about. 

My next finish is a baby quilt for a baby due in a few weeks. 

My 'go-to' pattern:  Just Can't Cut It, reduced by half, comes through once again. 

Can you see the quilting?  Rubber duckies and bubbles.  So darn cute.  I used Minky on the back, too.

Does everyone know how to change the size of a pattern?  So simple. 

If you want to reduce the size by 1/2.... SUBTRACT 1/2 inch from the cutting size then divide it in half then ADD BACK the 1/2inch.  Make sense?  Just know that when you reduce the size by 1/2 your quilt will come out 1/4 the area of the original.  Think about that.....  picture graph paper with 4 blocks filled in.  That would be a square 2X2.  If you half it you would look at only 1 of those squares filled in. (2 by 2 divided in half would be 1 by 1)  So if you want to make a quilt smaller maybe you really only want to reduce the cutting instructions by 1/3.  Just ALWAYS subtract 1/2 inch before dividing by whatever number you want then ADD back 1/2 inch....that part NEVER changes.  That's your seam allowance and no matter the size...you need 1/2 an inch for the seam allowance. 

Too early for a math lesson?  Use graph paper or go here for a much more detailed explanation including blocks that involve angles. 

Time to get the day started.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Let there be....


A true sign of fall around my house is that I want to bake.  I like to bake the most in the fall.

Yesterday I made 7 pies.  Yum. Fall just lends itself to baking.  The produce and the cooler temps allowing for an open window to make spending an afternoon in the kitchen pleasant.   

My church is known for their pies.  We specifically serve only pies for dessert at our fund raising dinners and hold a pie sale in the summer.  This year we didn't have a summer sale so are holding it this weekend.  I ended up with 7 pies based on my crust recipe.  I got a bonus 6 inch pumpkin pie using the crust leavings and left over pumpkin filling.  Since the foil tins are a little shallow I had a bit of pumpkin left.  That will be for the family this weekend.  I wish those 2 at the end were for us...an apple and a peach/blueberry.  Maybe I'll make more just for the house.  We'll see.  It's only a few short weeks until our fall fund raising dinner when I will be obligated to make more.

On an entirely different note and because my annoyance has continued for 3 days.....is anyone else sick and tired of the way department stores try to entice you to give personal information and to spend more money at the check out?  Seriously.  It is maddening.  I went to a small local department store (owned by the Stage Stores Co)  Monday.  At check out I chose to use my debit card.  No, not the store card....I had to answer.  Then she tried to tell me how easy it was to open a store account.  I said I had one...she said she could look it up.  No, thanks.  Do I want to donate to the local humane society, do I want a 'free' trial of 3 magazines (which, by the way, leads to a charge on your account without you knowing to extend all 3 subscriptions I learned from a friend), what is my phone number (I'd already had it removed from my account info because they were so over the top with phone calls) and lastly, my email so they could email me my receipt.  I need a shirt that says.....Just ring me up!  I recently went to an upscale store at the mall and when I declined to open a rewards type account the salesclerk got very huffy and practically threw my purchases into a bag...no tissue to protect them.  See how fast I return to Pottery Barn....I mean...that store.  I feel like naming names might make them realize how they are hindering business instead of building it.

Anywho.....back to our regularly scheduled stitching/sewing related posts.

I need to photograph a couple very cool projects then I will share.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fun and games.

In a recent blog post by Bonnie Hunter she wrote about a new game...The Quilt Show.  She also offered up a give-a-way for one of the games given her by the creator...Judy Martin. 

Imagine my surprise when I won since almost 500 people entered. 

Lots of little pieces and parts.

I didn't take all the pieces apart...I can't really play it myself....but watch out retreat buddies!  We usually reach a point in the evening where operating a sewing machine isn't advisable.  That's when it will be time to pull out the games for a little fun. 


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

An early finish.

I finished my September block for Quilt Doodle Doodle's block of the month which you can find here. 

We made another pine tree...the furthest one on the right.  I sewed all my parts together...including my bald headed snowmen.  They will get faces after the quilting.  The last block will go on top...above the ice skates.

Such a cute project.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A patriotic finish

just in time for fall. 

This pattern, Whirl-A-Jig an Iowa Star Design, was offered by Connecting Threads as a kit last summer using their American Celebration fabrics.

It combines two of my favorite elements....pinwheels and squares that from a diagonal design.   Being in patriotic fabrics was a bonus.

The backing fabric from the same line was just right. 

The thing I usually like about Connecting Threads fabrics...besides the price...is that they have a little more body so are very easy to handle and piece. 

I have several fall projects I hope to get at soon.  First I have my regular block of the months to work up and maybe a project in limbo to pull out.  We'll see. 

Happy stitching.