Friday, February 27, 2015

A tired old sentiment.

Anyone else doing this monthly? 

A Year in Chalk by Hands on Design.  I am working mine on a 32 count linen called Shadow.  Wow.  Is it hard working on the dark color.  It has taken me twice as long to stitch this little piece than it should have. When I purchased my auto-ship I opted for the 32 count since I really don't like WDW linen but now I wonder if I would have had an easier time on 30 count.  

The sentiment...Let it Snow...isn't one any of us want to hear for a very long time. 

This was my backyard on Wednesday.  There is a good foot of snow.  It was snowing big huge flakes when I took the pictures.  Flakes none of us want to see.  I's only February...but it has been a brutal one. 

Lucky me, I can head back to Florida soon and resume my kitchen remodel.  The counter tops will be installed mid month. 

In the mean time...I am catching up on tv, Netflix, reading, and whatever else I can do from under a blanket.  Brrr.  The coldest February on record...ever.  I looked up statistics.  They are depressing.  Our weatherman said we would never have a February this cold again.  He said it wouldn't be possible.  I'm holding him to it. 

Yesterday I quilted another Schnibbles quilt.  Once I have it bound I will have pictures.  I have built up quite a back log of quilts so I hope to keep up the rhythm of quilting. 


Friday, February 13, 2015

Two finishes.

Having the right tools meant I could finish this top...

 ...and simple piecing lead to the finishing of Nantucket.

Nantucket was a kit so I was limited to the fabric I had but if I made it again I'd add a fourth row of stars to make a bed friendly quilt. 

I am looking forward to quilting these but I bet it will be a couple months before that happens. Unless they fit in my carry on they will stay in Florida for a bit.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lots of sewing progress.

I have quilt progress to show plus I made a huge dent in my cross stitch project.

Here is Debbie Mumm's Keep the Spirit when I first picked it up.  

And, again, after working on it over the last two weeks.  It will be put on hold soon as I head back to New York for a while. 

I also started a new quilt project despite not finishing the last one. I have had this kit in my stash since it first came out...which wasn't really that long ago....a year maybe. 

I even prewashed the red fabrics.  So much fun...not. 

This pile of sliced strip sets is waiting to be turned into...

 ...90 of these.

I have the big center part done. 

Here is a shot of Homestead Star as I left it.  I was having trouble getting an accurate measurement for the borders.  I have since purchased a long tape measure so I will try again soon. 

So, that's where my sewing stands at the moment.  I will take these projects home with me...and hopefully finish them soon.  I certainly don't need any more projects left unfinished. 


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Wintering in Florida.

It is a different experience...being away from home during all the recent bad winter weather.  Not that I wish I was there dealing with is just different.  I'll be there soon enough with more snow in the forecast.

Of course, the very best part of not being north in the winter is being able to get outside. 

I try to vary my walks since it gets boring to take the same route day in and day out. 

So far my favorite place to walk is around one of the bayous in town. 

 The views are so pleasant.

There is also some interesting architecture.  

Such a pretty Victorian house.

The community center where there is parking and public bathrooms. 

We have been watching this house being built for quite a long time.  Amazingly beautiful...and HUGE!

This old church is so interesting.  (The For Sale sign does not belong to the church.)

The pelicans can be pretty entertaining.  


Given my line of work...the name of this boat cracks me up. Hmmm.  Wonder what the owner's profession is.

Today, a cool and windy day, I glimpsed the most coveted view in the bayou. 
Manatees come into the bayous to keep warm.  There were 3 hanging out together in this area.

One more was over across the way. 

They only stick their noses out of the water to take a breath about every two minutes.  It's hard to know exactly where they'll pop up so you have to focus on a large area.  If it had been sunny I might have been able to see their bodies through the water. 

I have been doing some sewing but I'll post that another day.


Sunday, February 1, 2015

How you know you're done for the day.

I was happily working away on my Homestead Star quilt yesterday when I assembled my first block and opened it to see this...

I looked at the block and wondered how those corner stones came together to form the secondary star. it turns this case they wouldn't!

Here is an unsewn sample of how the block should look. 

Luckily I didn't just start sewing rows then blocks without looking. 

The final link-up for Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusions is up today.  I added my post but haven't taken the time to browse the other finishes.  I've seen some online and know that I'm not the only one that made changes.