Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The age old question...

where does the time go?  I keep thinking I'll post then I think that after today...or post will be more interesting.

Since I last posted I got my long arm back...happy me...and took my main sewing machine to the store where I bought hour and a half away...for repairs...sad me.  We think it's a software issue.  Sad times for machines in my house right now.

Another empty sewing space...

Look at all the things I keep at hand.  My remote, nail file, lip balm, coaster, cup holder, speaker and zune.  All just as important as the pins and thread.  I can't remember what's in the baggie.  I don't usually have food in my sewing room.

My small finish for March was another ornament.  This is one little component of Bent Creek's Soapbox Winter.  A pattern that is hanging around patiently awaiting its turn to be stitched.

I also finished stitching Christmas Magic by Heart in Hand.

It went into time-out for a few weeks while I looked everywhere for Blue Azul for 5 little x's.  I know I bought the thread.  I gave up and just used something different.  I also left the year off and added the gift button.  I wasn't interested in memorializing the year 2013 as graphed in the pattern.

My one finish-finish, not counting the ornament, was Lizzie Kate's Christmas is Forever.  A pattern that came out in 2008 and has been stitched since *gasp* 2011.

Of course, the pins have been removed from the corner.  This was just the best photo.  I make no excuses for longevity in the 'waiting to be finished' pile.  My lack of finishing skills/confidence is no secret.

Perhaps the biggest news is that I finally let myself start one of the two HEAD patterns I have in my stash.  I put together the threads and bought fabric last summer but forced myself to wait until I had Murky Manor finished.  As you know, Murky Manor is NOT finished but IS well on its way and residing in Florida right now.

The piece I started is Vibrant Vista by Jane Wooster Scott.

This is about 1/2 of one page.  There are 24 but some are not full pages.  Someday I will look closer and figure out how many full pages this works out to.  I am working a half stitch using three threads over one on 25 count.  The fabric is pre-gridded and marked off in blocks of 20 by 20.  I started out working a full X using two threads over one but the pulling and tugging was hard on my fingers.  It took me two evenings to pull out two evenings worth of stitching.  I do not like the light coverage of one over one but that all comes down to personal preference.

This will take me years.  I am planning to take a break after each page and stitch something different.  I already have something different at my second stitching spot so that should help relieve the tedium of such a large piece.

Once I got my long arm back and running I finished up the quilt made of old shirts.

This is a trial run for making a shirt for someone I know from her late husband's shirts.

While I enjoyed making a quilt like thing I would say is...I won't make one with this many pieces again.  Certainly not for someone else.  For a lap sized quilt with a pattern this detailed I would have to charge $500.  So, unless someone really wants to pay that much, I will be looking for simpler patterns.  I have seen some very simple quilts that look really nice.

I used this flannel fabric for the backing.  Fun and cozy for a quilt made from old shirts.

Phew.  Believe it or not I have more things I could show but I have worn myself out.  I'll save the rest for another time.


Monday, March 14, 2016

Well, that sucks.

Not to mention the cramp it put in my schedule.

It is like a rerun of this time last year.

Notice anything missing?

Yup.  Stella.  So named because sometimes it takes her a while to get her 'groove' back.  She can be moody.  At any rate, she was working away when something caused a needle to snap and the timing to go out or the timing went and the needle broke.  Luckily my husband can heft it off her tracks and take her into the city for an adjustment.  Next time we might see if we can do it ourselves even though the shop says they'd rather we didn't.

On the hole in the quilt this time.

The needle had just traveled through a very thick section which is probably the source of the troubles.  (My camera tab is not pointing to the spot.  It's where the loop just stops at center left.)

I plan to talk more about this quilt when it is finished.  It is made from old men's shirts.  The shirts are old...not necessarily the men.  A nice memento of a loved one.  I am contemplating making these, though less complicated, for a fee.  I am trying it out using my own collection of shirts.  Lesson learned from this one?  Too many pieces mean bulky seams...especially when it involves Oxford cloth..which is thick and shreds like mad when cut up.

I have a huge new cross stitch project under way.  I keep thinking that with another few days there will be something photo-worthy but I suspect I just need to take some pictures and post.  Give it a couple days.  In the mean time, I have a quilt with a deadline waiting for Stella's return.


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February small.

For my February small I actually made three ornaments.

Merry Mini's by This & That...

I am counting all three for one month since they stitch up so quickly.

They are nothing fancy and the finishing is simple.  Just a little bit of quilting and some homemade cording.

Happy Stitching.