Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stuff, junk, and things.

That's one of those lines that the kids say.  It seems to have stuck because it seems to work for all kinds of situations.  Like today..... this is what my afternoon looks like..... paperwork.  Plus, some laundry someone didn't carry to their room yesterday.  Too bad you can't smell the yummy smell, though.  I have 2 Apple Cider cakes cooling on the stove for a meeting tonight.

We're getting tons of rain thanks to the storm coming up the coast.  I did happen to catch the view out the front door last night, though.  So much for 'red sky at night, sailor's delight'.  Unless he was sailing last night, it's not delightful today.

I did manage some stitching this past week.  This little Bent Creek pattern was cute and quick. 

Now, I've stalled long enough.  Back to work.

The Queen Bee

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I know it's not 'Talk Like a Pirate' day any longer but look at this......

We caught one on Sunday and relocated him.  Even though we hadn't really seen two at a time, we thought maybe there was a Mrs. Chippy so we set the trap again.  They are very good at reaching in the trap and grabbing what they want, then staying on the outside while the trap closes.  Stinkers. 

Over the weekend I finished this wall hanging.  I was going to try to take some new pictures as the red isn't really that red.  It's kind of drab out today so, instead of delaying, I'll post the best of the lot.  I need to get some backing fabric then off to the long arm quilter. 

This is my first post since changing to the new post editor.  While picture uploading went better it was still a challenge to move the pictures to where I wanted them and I still accidentally deleted one.  I'm sure it will be better in the long run.  I'll post some stitchy pictures soon. 

Until then, I'm off.....

The Queen Bee

Friday, September 24, 2010

Books worth noting

I went to work today and found almost nothing to do. Shocking. No phone messages, only 3 pieces of mail needing quick attention, and only 1 email. After completing those tasks I even finished up the work that gets pushed to the back burner and found myself quite simply DONE. So, since I don't punch a time clock (which also means I'm sometimes at work for hours more then expected), I came on home. In a flurry of domesticity I baked banana bread, an apple cider cake, and started bbq ribs in the crock pot. Tonight we have a late starting swim meet so coming home to a complete supper will be nice. Last night's post swim meet supper was pizza. Tonight we'll have home cooking.

Between bouts of kitchen goddess'ness' I finished my book.

I absolutely LOVE Emily Giffin's books. The first two, 'Something Borrowed' and 'Something Blue' were quite enjoyable to read. They involved the same characters but the second book flips whose perspective the story is told from. The 3rd one I read 'Love the One You're With' wasn't anywhere near as good so I didn't rush into the 4th one.... which is actually her 3rd book. I don't think I paid any attention to the publish date when neither book hinged upon the other. Well, I loved 'Baby Proof'. Can't wait to get her latest book from the library. The main character in each of her books is a confident successful Manhattonite. Not the same women, but they have the same qualities, mostly. Someone might debate the main character of 'Something Blue' as being a little less confident but she comes around. I think the books speak to the wanna be city girl in me. But also, I really enjoy reading books about women who aren't whiny or mopey all the time. These women know how to get things done, how to accomplish their goals and live that 'Sex and the City' kind of life.

So, anyhow, in this latest book, 'Baby Proof' the only thing I found hard to believe was the way the main character reacted to one situation that completely and totally turned her world around for a year. For someone so confident, thoughtful, introspective, and successful to make one all encompassing decision seemed out of character. But, I guess, there wouldn't be a story to write if she hadn't. I'm trying not to give anything away... even the tiniest hint so as not to spoil it for anyone else who might like to enjoy this book.

While the story lines in Emily Giffin's books are at least 20 (really, 22ish) years behind where I am in life I get completely caught up in her stories. I'm looking forward to her stories kind of growing up with her. I'm guessing she won't be writing about young singles forever. Sooner or later she'll write about women a bit older, and then still older yet.

Thanks for the wonderful compliments on my successful border on Midnight Watch. I know I'm just feeling bold after finishing Holiday Express but it really was an easy border. It's done in repeats of the same shape. I only had to count repeats before it was time to adjust one. Every now and then one of the repeats was done a little differently. It was easy to glance along the row and see if I'd miscounted and correct the mistake before going on. I'm trying not to get all cocky and work more patterns from the border in. We all know where that will get me. I will either end up ripping stuff out or putting something aside and never finishing it.

Have a nice weekend.

The Queen Bee

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A small finish or two

The other day I got out some fall/Halloween decorations. Among them was this festive table runner and candy dish. Last year, on sale, I got another bowl that needed a little something under it so I used the left over table runner fabric and made the cute little mat.

Perfect match.

Today I happened upon the new blog background that reminds me of the fabric, too. So, despite being a tad early (6:15ish) I got busy changing and posting. I'm having trouble with pictures so hopefully it all works in the end.

Over the weekend I successfully completed the first part of the border for Midnight Watch. What a fun stitch this pattern will be.

I also finished a little fall wall hanging. Nice match with the decor I already had on an old dresser.

The kids have left so I better get on with my morning. I have big plans, starting with a trip to Michael's and Joanne's.

Thanks for stopping by.

The Queen Bee

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thank heavens at least

ONE person wanted Holiday Express! Phew. Tama, it's all yours. I can see from your blog that you are not afraid of a challenge. I emailed you thru your 'about me' link. Once I get your info I'll be sending it straight to you. Happy Stitching.

And, because no post should be complete without a picture. This is what I saw the other day as I was driving over to the school to get Buttercup after practice. I couldn't get it all in one shot, and it's double no less.... the right side was, anyway. (Of course.... while composing this the pictures sat side by side but once posted one drops down. Bummer.)

Today is rainy and fall like. I'm baking and doing laundry. So very domestic.

The Queen Bee

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A finish and a start

First, La-D-Da's Zippity do da is finished. Such a fun little stitch. I used the recommended WDW fabric and NPS fibers. Wow, were those nice to stitch with.

Then, I started Blackbird Designs' Midnight Watch. While the photo is ever so slightly blurry it shows the fabric color the best. It has since started raining so there are no 'do overs' today.

Generally, I wouldn't start with the border but I guess I was up for the challenge. I'm crossing my fingers and knocking on wood that it all meets up when I get around to the other side. Normally, I'd wait and do the border at the end when I can count and recount it's placement based on the picture inside. Hope I don't regret working backwards on this piece.

That's it for today.

The Queen Bee

Monday, September 13, 2010

Something old and something new.

First, the old. I made this a couple years ago. Isn't it funny? Cracks me up, anyhow.

Now, the new..... a give away! I should tell you what it is before you get all excited.

Now that I'm done with Holiday Express and would never, ever stitch it again, does anyone want the pattern and the left over specialty threads? Probably there are enough of most of the threads. I did keep the white and black filament because that will probably get used again. The rest..... you can have it. I'll pay to mail it within the United States. In the event there is more then one person who wants it I'll draw a name next Sunday. (The pattern is in very good shape. The front cover with the picture shows signs of being handled and I wrote a little on the page with the symbols and thread lists.) I can't even think up any rules for entering because I'm having trouble believing anyone wants it after all I've said!

The chippy saga continues. He's going to get his own blog label if he keeps this up. He escaped the Havahart trap Saturday night. Must be he had enough of a fit inside it to flip it over. The ends flopped open and out he went. He did eat everything. I guess even that incident didn't scare him because he's still lounging around. Next, we'll put a brick on top and only leave it out when we're around to see he's been caught. Smart little guy.

Off to the quilt store to find fabric for a wall hanging I started last week.

The Queen Bee

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Another finish

from my 'waiting to be finished' pile. I don't usually use preprinted panels in anything I make but I really liked the primitive look of this one. My local quilt shop had a free pattern if you bought the panel so I used that to make this cute wall hanging. Plus, the shop owner had just finished making the shop model and had tons of extra 2 inch squares precut that she let me pick thru. I pieced it last fall and just machine quilted it this week. I've becoming more comfortable with my own free motion skills so took the plunge and finished this up.

Last night I met friends at the movie theatre and saw The Switch with Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston. It was very sweet and less silly then I expected. Jennifer Aniston is always good.

Chippy continues to show no interest in the snacks in the Havahart trap. I keep adding more stuff thinking sooner or later temptation will get the better of him. He's probably laughing at us from his perch on the hot tub steps.

Off for an evening of stitching.

The Queen Bee

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Way to rock the race.

I have to give some air time to my son's track team. This past Saturday they participated in a 5K sponsored by a church in a neighboring city to raise money for the local cancer center. We've been going for the last 4 years and cheering on the kids from our little rural high school (of about 500 students). This year's cross country team has 16 kids. Over 300 people ran the race and..... here's the impressive part.... 4 of our students were in the top 10!! Now I have to qualify that and say that 1 student just graduated in June and the other boy is from an even smaller school but they practice with our school because their school doesn't have a coach.

Here are a few of the boys warming up... including my son and the runner who won the race.

Off they go.

Now this next picture..... you know how you have your camera ready and wait and watch for the right shot? While my husband accidentally snapped a shot of the roadway... this is the shot I 'accidentally' got! Really, it was an accident. Sure it was, says my husband. But, heck, whatever. My high school boys beat them, too!!

So, I've done my bragging for the day. Have a great one.

The Queen Bee

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Let the games begin

First.... thanks you so much for your compliments on Holiday Express. Soon it will find a permanent spot on my wall. Given the challenges this piece offered I'm displaying it year round!

Next, see the critter on my bird feeder? That's Chippy. Chippy will soon have a new place to live if I have my way. He's cute and all, but when he learned to climb up to the feeder it became evident it was time for him to move out.

We have tons of nature in our yard... bunnies that aren't afraid to come inside the fence and eat flowers, deer, squirrels, foxes, the occasional coyote, turkeys and so on. This is our first summer with a chipmunk. At first, he was cute running around the patio. I got a little curious when I found him in the blue bird house and he wasn't afraid of me.... even after dropping the house and hurrying away. My husband had to go shake him out.

Then, the weather got colder and I saw the birds crowding around the usual feeder spot so I filled one and hung it out. Well, Chippy thought this was his personal seed dispenser and went about stuffing his cheeks and running back across the patio to bury it under the porch. The magnitude of what he was doing became apparent the day I saw a mouse scurrying under there too. I'm convinced he's become the mayor of mouse town. He's planting and storing enough grain so his little subjects can survive the winter under there.

So, yesterday we went and bought a humane trap at the farm store. We placed it right out in plain sight with some seed and a few apple wedges. Soon I noticed some apple wedges gone and Chippy sitting on the steps to the hot tub all fluffed up like he was nice and full and was going to settle down for a nap. I spooked him and he darted off the steps and straight into the trap.... which snapped..... but he just kept on going right out the other side! Guess those bars weren't going to hold him. The stinker.

We didn't see him again yesterday but, based on the photo, he's alive and well. A new Havahart trap is on the way. We'll safely relocate him to a nice wooded lot over by the lake.

We had a busy weekend with various activities including a trip to the movies to see The American.... not scary or even that thrilling. We were the youngest people in the theatre if that gives you any clue who this movie might be geared towards. I finished reading Justin Cronin's The Passage. I'm not a sci fi fan. Loved the first 200 pages. After that it was like the book was written by an entirely different person. I'd like to read one of his other, non sci fi books, and see what they're like.

Time to take The Boy Wonder to the barbers to see what we can do with the hair. Maybe he'll learn not to shave his head again.

Oh, and how could I forget? School starts tomorrow..... I'll try to contain myself.

The Queen Bee.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Drum roll please.....

..... Holiday Express.

I don't even know what to say except that it looks even better in real life.

The Queen Bee

Friday, September 3, 2010

The final finish of summer

Yesterday I finished this twin size quilt. Tomorrow I'll take it to the long arm quilter along with the last one I finished. They use some of the same fabrics and will, hopefully, compliment each other in the same bedroom. I loved making this quilt top. (Being the lazy person that I am, the pattern is downstairs in my sewing room so I can't tell you the name right off.) I would gladly make this one again but with one change. I seriously didn't pay attention to the fact that directional fabric would take some concentration and different cutting. DOY! Thankfully, I caught that little detail while cutting all those yards of sand fabric and made the appropriate adjustments. Half the squares had to be facing one direction and the other half another.

It will take until January or February for the quilting so they won't resurface until then.

Today is supposed to be the last hot day of the season. I will be happy to see the end of the heat. Ugh. The weatherman said it was the hottest summer on record for our area. Good riddance, I say.

I'm holding off on getting out fall decorations until next week when the kids head back to school. I'll let them enjoy their last weekend of summer vacation, although the trees are changing and the temps are to drop more then 20 degrees by tomorrow.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend.

The Queen Bee