Monday, February 28, 2011

As promised

I did stitch a little this past week.  Not as much as I expected, though, as the weather was unusually warm for February and I wanted to worship the sun as much as possible.  Such a treat in the middle of the winter. 

Here are the 2 pieces I worked on.  I got hung up on this one, again.  This time I ran out of the green for the grass.  Also, the contrast between the white horse and the one behind it wasn't working so I picked that out and restitched it last night.  That's 2 more strikes against this piece and the conversion chart.  I used the entire skein of Poblono Pepper plus all that I had in my stash.  There should have been 2 skeins of that and Blackbird.  I don't waste thread, either.  This piece is going into time out for a while.  It's caused me more grief then it's worth right now. 

 The second piece I worked on was Celebrate Spring by Heart and Hand.  This was going along so nicely then it turned on me.  The chart lists 7 symbols and threads.  I'd packed that, but found there are really 9 symbols on the chart.  I made do with a green from another kit but was thoroughly ticked when I came to the 2nd unlisted symbol.  I put it away until last night also. I did finish it but it's going into the same time out pile as the Prairie Schooler piece. 
So there it is, my vacation stitching.  I can cross 2 more off my Crazy January Challenge.  I haven't decided what to pick up next.  Hopefully something friendlier then these 2. 

A word or two on catching up.  I went away without my computer so the unread emails and blog posts are over whelming.  It's going to be a while.  The piles of mail and paperwork on my desk when I returned were massive.  Colleges, taxes, kids..... there's no Paperwork Reduction Act in my life.  (And, I haven't even been to work yet.  That's tomorrow's hill to climb.) 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I have flier's ADD.

Seriously, here is a photo of what was in my purse on my 2 recent flights....
I'm not nervous about flying.... I guess I just don't like being confined in a seat like that and have a terrible time staying focused on anything.  The few times that I've been successful, the flight goes by so much quicker that I am willing to pack just about everything that might hold my attention. 

Once upon a time all I needed was a book.  Then, I bought an ipod because I was going to be flying all night  and knew I couldn't read and probably wouldn't sleep either.  Then I discovered audio books and how the ipod didn't work with the ones I can download from my library... for free.  So, I bought a Zen.  Then we flew to Colorado and my Zen had a dead battery.... for no reason.  Longest flight of my life.  So now I want them both.   I also got a Kindle.  Love it.  Then I got an ipad. The ipad cancels the need for the Kindle and the ipod.  The ipad has games, music, videos, my ipod music, and so on. That worked great ...once.   Because I'm a typical mother, I'd sacrifice my own comfort for my kids', so if one of them wants the ipad I need a fall back plan.  You can see how this has built up.  I carry a purse that's so full and heavy, if the TSA ever got wind, they'd charge me extra for it. 

The only thing missing from that picture is the bag of M&M's I ate while on vacation, not on the plane, and the little (M&M size) bag of Jelly Bellies.  I took those out of my purse this morning and someone scarfed them up so fast I didn't even realize that's what they were.  Darn, now I want those little guys. 

Anyhow, 2 of those magazines are unread, the Zen got listened to while at the pool, and I wished I had my ipod when I went out for walks.  I just can't win. 

Being in the Sunshine state requires a certain amount of time spent at a theme park so we visited The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  SO COOL.  I won't say anything bad.... just ask me if you're thinking you'd like to go.  It was sure photogenic, though. 

I want that guy to add to my snowman collection.  If there was a small one available I wasn't going to find it as the line to get near a store was worse then the lines for a ride.  And, that's after waiting 4 hours to get into the Wizarding World via the park's crowd management plan. 

Tomorrow I'll show my stitching.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's Good to read.

I have added a widget on the right side with a link to Good Reads.  The other day, when I logged into my account, up popped a list of people that were friends of friends.  I chose a few people who have blogs I read, or who I know read mine, and requested to be their friend.  Happily, all 3 Ok'd me.  Phew.  (I don't do Facebook so this is as close as it gets for me!)  Thank you, ladies.

Good Reads is a fun website to be a member of.  I've almost completely given up my book review blogs because I can read reviews  on Good Reads and get a feel for any book I might like to read.  I don't usually want to read a long drawn out description of a book.... I just want an idea of what people think. 

I have yet to join any of the reading groups, but maybe someday.  I don't want reading to feel like homework but sometimes it's fun to be part of a group reading the same book or the same type of books. 

I will be away from my computer for the next week or so.  I can read blogs but won't be posting on my own.  I fully expect to return with a couple finishes to post about, maybe a book or 2 read, and possibly an adventure or 2 to write about.  Now, to find all the chargers I can't leave home without. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another day...

another dollar.  Today is my busy work day so there won't be much stitching.  I did snap a picture of Farmer's Almanac this morning.  I thought it was going slowly, especially since I didn't stitch much last week, but I happened to see the picture I took last Monday and was surprised by my progress.  I think I'll get this done before the month is out.  I was going to set it aside and do some smaller WIP's but maybe I'll keep going until it's done.

Who knows how far I'd be if I hadn't needed to do so much 'unsewing'. 

Sunday evening I was planning my week and asked The Boy Wonder what his schedule was.  Between track practice, play practice and a track meet, he won't be home for dinner a single night.  He said he was easing me into life when he's away at school next fall.  Funny kid.... because I bet next fall I won't have to bring him supper between practices or do all those mounds of laundry.  That would be 'easing me in'..... doing his own laundry!  Hey! I've got an idea.....and boy would it lighten my load, so to speak.  I use to think The Scholar was the one that generated the most laundry.  It must be the age. 

Yesterday our temps got warm enough to melt huge patches of snow in the yard.  There were dozens of robins flocking to the grassy areas.  I can't remember ever seeing robins so early.  Hope that's a sign of things to come.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My recent order has arrived...

and so fast. Love The Fat Quarter Shop. Same day shipping.

Everything is packaged to protect it from being left in the elements. 

I got a couple magazines, a pattern, and best of all.... 4 Moda Jelly Rolls. 

They are:  Primitive Muslin by Primitive Gatherings, Antique Fair by Blackbird Design, Faith Collections for a Cause, and Perennials by Kansas Troubles.  (I've never met a Kansas Troubles fabric I didn't like.)
I've only purchased one jelly roll before and it's still in a project box waiting for it's day.  What I like about them is that you get a little bit of each fabric in a line.  Usually, I'll find a fabric line I like then try to chose a quilt pattern that enhances the fabrics and buy just the few fabrics needed for that quilt.  I don't tend to just buy cuts of fabric 'just because'.  I'm afraid that when I do want to use it I won't have enough or won't have a matching fabrics, or something like that. 

First I plan to pair up the muslins with one of the other fabric lines and make this postage stamp quilt that Rachel made on her blog .  Then, since I was shopping for Jelly Rolls and wanted more, I will see what looks good in this book. 

Now, I just need to get busy finishing a few projects.  I get to the quilting point and, if it's not going to the long arm quilter, I'm stuck.  It takes me a while to just dive in and start quilting. 

Oh, so much for my stay at home day yesterday.  I wasn't even away from the computer after posting that post when I got a phone call asking me to run some paperwork over to the school.  So, why not go to the grocery store since I'm out anyway..... and the day went from there. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh! That can't be good.

Yikes.  Another reason why Ginger should make safety scissors. 

They slid off the arm of my stitching chair.  At least it was the floor and not my toe.  It's too early in the morning to go into detail, but a similar incident involved my toe and bloody foot prints.  Not pretty. 

Over at The Scholar's blog she's taking questions.  So, feel free to pop on over and give her something to write about.  A word of advice, though.  Don't bother asking if her host mother makes her do chores around the house.... the answer is 'no, there's a cleaning women'.  And don't ask if she's trying to put her mother into an early grave with all this gallivanting around Europe without adult supervision or if she thinks I have a money tree in the back yard because she'll just think you're me,  roll her eyes, and not post your Q or an A. 
(Hi, honey.... you know I'm just kidding.... sort of.) 

It's bitter cold today.  I'm not leaving the house.  If I could, I'd stay in bed, too.  Last night I started the newest John Grisham book.  I love a good legal thriller.  Here's hoping it's a good one. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Like a dog with a bone

I can't put this thing down.  No matter how badly it treats me.  It's such an unhealthy, one sided relationship. 
Over the weekend I gave up on letters and moved on to the barn.  Love barns.  One of my problems with the letters (aside from putting them in the wrong place) was the color of the word 'February'.  The Crescent Colour conversion converts DMC 355 to Chili Pepper.  I love 355.  Can picture it in my mind right now.  It's a perfect Christmas red.  And, quite frankly, Chili Pepper is not.  It's orange.  Besides using it for the 2 February's it was supposed to be the complimenting color on the barn.  So, I wanted to stitch the part of the barn that's done in Manor Red then see what red I had in my stash.  I came up with Lancaster Red.  Perfect.  So, yesterday I removed the second orange 'February' and restitched it.  But WAIT...... I dropped down one stitch part way thru.  SERIOUSLY?  Are you kidding me?  My mind is SO NOT on my work.  So, I pulled it out and started putting it back together AGAIN.  (There is so much more screaming in my head, but you get the idea.)

At that point, I debated throwing this thing to the very bottom of the WIP pile but NO, I just can't.  So, last night I packed up my stitching to move upstairs, as I'm generally banished from the room when important sporting events are on TV, and proceeded to stitch the evening away.  It wasn't until I picked it up this morning to press and photograph it that I noticed I somehow stopped, mid word, and moved on from letter stitching.  Probably a good unconscious decision, given my past track record.  I see I still haven't put the 'S' back in September. 

I'm coming down with a cold so will plan a quiet afternoon.  I have a meeting tonight I'd like to attend.  Also, I have a new obsession.  It involves fabric, so anyone trying not to buy more stitching stash is safe.  I'm going to study my options online and place an order.  Once the UPS man visits I'll show you.  My only hint is:  it involves rolling in jelly.  HA.  Any fabric'a'holics out there will know what that's all about.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The storm that wasn't.....

Oh, the shame. 

So, we got the snow day, just not the snow.  Oops.  I was looking forward to it, too.  I was ready to hunker down with the kids and not feel one little bit of guilt about not doing anything I didn't feel like.  Rats.  It's harder to do that when the sun is shining, the temp is above freezing, and the kids are thinking up things to do with their friends. 

My favorite weatherman came on the radio show I like in the morning, and was pleasantly ashamed.  I liked that.  He talked about waking up in the middle of the night, looking outside and swearing.  Everyone else is making excuses. 

So, anyway, I'll do a little housework, then I'll sew something.  Maybe I'll even manage to stitch on Farmer's Almanac without ripping out..... shhhhh..... don't jinx it! 

(I borrowed this photo from Google images)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So soon?

That didn't take long.... coming up with another post, that is. 

First, let me say how kind everyone has been thru your comments this past month.  I'm glad people enjoyed it.... I'll keep posting all my various projects and such.  I've sort of strayed away from talking about books because I'm doing that on Good Reads.  I figure if anyone cares, they'll go there.  Unless, of course, something is so good I have to share. 

So, what has inspired a post again so soon?  Lee's Stitching Blogger's question of the month. 

She asked about stitching something for a loved one.  The first piece that came to my mind was this piece that I stitched for my then boyfriend, now husband, back in 1987. 

Remember when cross stitch was newly popular and patterns were so simple?  (Not to mention done on Aida.)

This is a picture of my husband's Hobie Cat sailboat.  He bought it straight out of college before buying himself a decent car!  I had a pattern with the classic rainbow striped sail that I modified to match his sail pattern, added his sail number and stitched it for him for Christmas.  That was 1987.  We got engaged the spring of 1988 and married the spring of 1989.  I don't think this piece had anything to do with that, though.  He did, however, see right away the shadow of the boat on the sand, which I was impressed with.   

We did enjoy that boat.... until we sold it when I was pregnant for the Boy Wonder so we could buy a new furnace.  Such is life. 

Last night I decided to move forward on PS's Farmer's Almanac despite all the ripping the day before.  Well, let me tell you, I do not know what my problem is.  I started on the boarder..... counted up 2 from the 'S' in September and stitched away.... until I discovered the 'S' was one stitch too high!  What the heck!  (AND seriously, THAT'S NOT WHAT I SAID!)  Man,  I ripped and restitched.  The fact that I really like this pattern keeps me going. 

Bad roads today with so much more coming.  I think there are a whole lot of us in this together.  I drove the kids to school this morning, a quick 2 mile trip on a nice day.  Took me half an hour today.  No plows had passed along any of the roads.... what's that about.... and I passed 2 cars off the road.  I have much driving ahead of me today so hopefully, the lull between the 2 storms, really does occur and helps us get thru today because tomorrow will probably be a snow day.  Yeah! Snow days!  I like it when I get to enjoy them too.