Thursday, November 21, 2013

Camera located.

It took several searches but I finally found the camera.  I lose that thing on a regular basis but this time it took longer than average to find it.  It was under some fabric.  Surprise!  I looked under everything *I thought* I'd handled.  Guess not.

Anyhow...the only pictures I'd taken was of my fabric for Bonnie's mystery...which starts in just 8 days.

As I thought about this post along with the lost camera problem...I thought that you are going to start to be suspicious about my ability to take care of my stuff.  Or, as my kids would say, see why we can't have nice stuff?  So not true.

One of the problems we quilters have is that of the incontinent iron.  Or the iron that won't get hot enough.  Or the iron that won't steam.  You all know what I'm talking about, right?  Recently my fairly new iron wouldn't stay on the right temperature setting.  It dropped down to the lowest setting about every 30 seconds.  So, off to Walmart I went for a new one.  I've been holding off on buying another expensive brand...mainly because they're expensive and kind of heavy. 

When it came time to iron  I took it out of the package and plugged it in and casually walk away for a few minutes while it heated up.  While I was checking my email doing other important household tasks I had an AHA moment.  I thought...that iron didn't have a protective covering on the bottom, did it?  Oh, I bet if it did I'd smell it burning.  OR NOT. 

Fast forward after a trip to Joann's...

...for a tube of this...

...a towel, a wooden spatula and the entire tube later...

...I am back in business with my shiny new iron.

That stuff is like magic. 

Back to work.  I am only a few good stitching sessions away from a finish.



  1. Oh Pam, that sounds like something I would do, too! I'm going to find some of that iron cleaner. It's probably a good thing to have around the house. Well....for the three times a year I actually iron!

  2. I'm glad you got your iron all set for the quilting mystery, Pam.
    Good thing that you found your camera. Funny when I misplace things it's not unusual that when I find them, I remember putting them there! Yikes....

  3. Oh yikes!! Glad you knew of that stuff and could get your iron back to new!

  4. Glad to hear that stuff really works, Pam! I have a cheap-o iron, myself. Tried an expensive Rowenta and it broke withing a year so it was back to the $15.99 ones for me :) Of course, I'm not a quilter so I'm sure I don't need a heavy-duty one like you probably do!