Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday mystery link up

I want to post a Monday link up to Bonnie's blog in case she doesn't do another one.  The last clue was revealed New Year's Day.

I have 4 of 7 rows done.  I only need to make 11 more blocks to finish the 3 remaining rows.  The effect will be better once it's all sewn together.  

The kids are all back where they belong.  The cats, on the other hand, are confused.   Apparently I'm b-OH-ring. 

Wait.  What?  

I can't play with this piece of foil?  It was used to cover MY food.  

It's so much fun.  Look what I can do with it.  

Ahh.  Killed it. 

Thanks.  I needed something else to vacuum.




  1. Love the colors in your quilt! It looks like the cats will keep you busy. lol

  2. So you are the main source of entertainment for the kitties now that the kids are gone! Have fun :)

    Your quilt is looking great, Pam--looking forward to seeing the final finish!

  3. The quilt looks great so far and that is just plain funny of the cat.

  4. Great job with the mystery quilt. Loved the kitty pics too! :)