Thursday, October 16, 2014

Final block of

a block-of-the-month.

Quilt Doodle Design's 2014 BOM.....

The final row...the top done and attached.  My snowmen are still faceless.  I will add wool and buttons after the quilting.

Such a fun block of the month but I'm ready to have fewer monthly projects right now.

As a follow-up to the last post....

I have been fabric shopping matching fabrics to the paint samples suggested by Bonnie Hunter.

I didn't need to buy all of these fact...none of the blacks or neutrals are new.  I mainly needed pinks and turquoises.  I just need a few more turquoises then I'll be ready for the first installment of the mystery.

Excuse the pool table!  I spread them out for a quick picture to share with a couple other Bonnie fans who are also fabric shopping. 

Fall has arrived....'s 8:00 in the morning and looks like this outside.

This family wonders through the yard in the morning and back the other way in the evening.  With the fog this morning they're out much later than normal.  Sure keeps my kitties on their toes.


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