Monday, November 16, 2015

A birthday celebration.

Every year I have to say the same thing...I just can't believe how old this little boy is.

I think he is 8 in this picture.  Buttercup is 3 1/2 years younger but she looks much younger than 5 so maybe I'm wrong.  I have always loved this picture.  We were on vacation and aboard a tour boat in the Adirondack's.

A mere 15ish years later...we met him for lunch with his best girl.

Besides celebrating his 23rd birthday today...he is participating in No-Shave-November.

I will post more later this week.  The debate is count down to Christmas with a post each day until Christmas or not.  It's always been a fun opportunity to post but I will be taking a different approach to the start of the holiday season which I will post about soon.



  1. Wish him a Happy Birthday for me!

  2. Where do the years go? Hope your son had a great birthday and is in for a wonderful year ahead, Pam :) My middle son will turn 30 on your birthday in December--yikes!!