Monday, March 14, 2016

Well, that sucks.

Not to mention the cramp it put in my schedule.

It is like a rerun of this time last year.

Notice anything missing?

Yup.  Stella.  So named because sometimes it takes her a while to get her 'groove' back.  She can be moody.  At any rate, she was working away when something caused a needle to snap and the timing to go out or the timing went and the needle broke.  Luckily my husband can heft it off her tracks and take her into the city for an adjustment.  Next time we might see if we can do it ourselves even though the shop says they'd rather we didn't.

On the hole in the quilt this time.

The needle had just traveled through a very thick section which is probably the source of the troubles.  (My camera tab is not pointing to the spot.  It's where the loop just stops at center left.)

I plan to talk more about this quilt when it is finished.  It is made from old men's shirts.  The shirts are old...not necessarily the men.  A nice memento of a loved one.  I am contemplating making these, though less complicated, for a fee.  I am trying it out using my own collection of shirts.  Lesson learned from this one?  Too many pieces mean bulky seams...especially when it involves Oxford cloth..which is thick and shreds like mad when cut up.

I have a huge new cross stitch project under way.  I keep thinking that with another few days there will be something photo-worthy but I suspect I just need to take some pictures and post.  Give it a couple days.  In the mean time, I have a quilt with a deadline waiting for Stella's return.



  1. Beautiful quilt top and I love the idea of using shirts from someone special - a memory quilt. Your design is really lovely. It will be fun to see the finish - best wishes to you and thanks for sharing your pictures.

  2. Frustrating, but fixable--so glad there was no hole this time :) Really like the looks of this one, Pam--can't wait to see the finish and your new stitching project as well. Happy Spring to you!!

  3. It looks like such a cozy, warm quilt. Sorry your machine went rogue on you. Glad there's no permanent damage!