Monday, January 9, 2017

Catching up 2016 smalls and finishes.

I have let enough time pass that I've forgotten what I've shown!

Per my goal for 2016 I did manage to stitch something small each month and finish it and to finish something out of the pile that had accumulated...except for December.  I don't think I actually finished any of the small things I stitched.   Towards the end it got a bit confusing.  I have things finished...I have finishing ideas...but I haven't settled on any final plans.  I am also tired of all the Christmas themed projects.  I am ready to put them away and work on them when the mood is right.

I do need to recap November and December, though.

One of my two finishes out of my pile is actually something I just completed in October.

I made 'Cat Tricks' by With Thy Needle and Thread into the little pillow like the pattern shows.

A simple blanket stitch holds the semi circles in place for a fun edge.

My November small and finish was another pillow using the same trims as Joy (my small/finish from October).  This time it was Lizzie Kate's 'My Favorite Time of Year'.

One of the small pieces I stitched in December was Little House Needlework's Tree Lot.

My December finish from the unfinished pile was Christmas Magic by Heart in Hand. I couldn't find where I posted this one but it was either a finish at the very end of 2015 or early in 2016.

I need to take pictures of a couple other small finishes from December but I'm calling the year a success.  I have finished more than the 24 items I'd hoped when setting the 2016 goal of stitching a small each month, finishing it, and finishing something out of the unfinished pile.  I have also finished a huge long forgotten WIP...Murky Manor by Glendon Place (which you can see in various posts plus the link).  My stitching time took a serious hit with my summer costume project but I did finish a nice number of projects.  I have never made an effort to keep track but I have chronicled them in my various posts throughout the year.

As for 2017 I am not going to set a finishing goal.  I don't really like finishing but I will try.  I have a few projects I might send out because I want them to be something special.  I do not really want a giant pile of smalls so I'm not going to go looking for anymore of those either.  I do not have any more long forgotten WIP's...honestly, (cross stitch, anyway) so I don't have any one project to focus on while in Florida.  I will just pick a couple projects and maybe some Mill Hill ornaments to pack for my stay in Florida.  Space is limited so I will have to think about it.  I do think I'll make more of an effort to write down the details of what I'm working on for quick reference.

Hope everyone is enjoying the new year and that you are finding lots of stitching and sewing time.



  1. Really like the way you've finished off cat tricks, it looks funky and finish the design just perfectly.

  2. Beautiful stitching and finishing, especially Cat Tricks! Love that one!

  3. love your finishing and well done on the amount you have got done too :) enjoy your stay in florida :) love mouse xxxxx

  4. You did great on you goals, Pam... I love the way you did the orange kitty finish--will have to remember that :)

    I hope FL brings some much needed warmth and sunshine. We have NO snow here--what a weird winter, but I am so missing the sun. Enjoy!