Friday, May 5, 2017

Where does the time go?

I am a genuine blogging slacker!  I seem to be a picture-taking slacker, actually.  Not having photos means I have nothing to post.  Want to hear a sad admission?  I didn't even create a photo folder for Spring 2017 photos!  That means they are all on my phone and will have to be emailed to me.  OY. Maybe I can find a cord and connect my phone.  Being foiled by technology is a sad fact lately.

Mostly things are the same.  Kids are all doing the same things they were doing last time around and my daily life remains relatively unchanged but I do have finishes and quilts and fun projects under way.

It is very rainy in western NY so pictures are just not as nice as they could be.

First up.... The Trees and Me by X's and Oh's.

I used a lovely fabric called Summer Sky.  I saved the tag but it does not tell me who it is by but I'd guess Picture this Plus as that's one of my favorite fabrics.

 I wanted to test some 36 count linen for the newly popular Lila's Studio pattern...Let Freedom Ring.  So, I bought a number of cuts and here I am trying out Mello, also by PTP.

I also had a finish.  Boy, you'd think I could get a better picture!  Once it is framed it will photograph beautifully.  The Night Before Christmas by Kooler Designs.  This was my first PDF pattern.  Loved being able to highlight symbols once stitched.

I also worked up my first ever Prairie Schooler Santa.  1999's Gingerbread Santa.

On the quilting front I have finished a number of small projects but will just show you this one...Shuffle by Sew Many Creations.  The pattern uses a layer cake.  Mine was Noteworthy by Sweetwater.

 I also finished the 2016 Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt.  I changed one block giving my quilt a bit of a different look.  I will have to direct you to this site to see the original design.  Bonnie has it as her blog header.  I did not like how the yellow squares just jumped out at you so I removed them and replaced them with purple/neutral half square triangles giving the purple the look of a softly curing line.  It is on the back of the couch and I just love the look each time I walk by.

My husband and I are boarding a plane soon for a trip west.  Of all the planned events I am the most excited about our day trip to Las Vegas and the stop at Stitcher's Paradise.  I am going to focus on fabric since I most often order my fabric online.  I am going to bask in the feel and look of the fabrics and hope to purchase a nice variety.

So, until next time and let's hope it doesn't take me so long to bring you an update.

Happy Stitching.



  1. Pam what a treat this blog post is! Beautiful progress, that tree design is gorgeous!
    Congratulations on finishing the beautiful Christmas one. So many details and colours, it must have been a very fun project to work in. Looking forward to seeing framed too.

  2. Well, here I am a week later finally reading your post from last Friday. I'll tell you, this 90th birthday party prep for my mom has taken almost every free second. We'll be up this weekend and it looks cold and rainy--so unfair for mid-May!

    That fabric is so perfect for the cute design, Pam. Great choice and I do love the PS even if you aren't sure about doing another one. I just started another PS Santa today (first time I've stitched in a week!) and am loving him... Beautiful quilts and a fabulous BIG finish in the Night Before Christmas--can't wait to see it all framed up :)

    Hope your trip was fun and you added to your fabric stash! Happy Mother's Day to you!

  3. Hi Pam! Love your videos on floss tube. I heard you say you were from Western NY. I live in NY too in Sullivan County,about 90 miles nw of NYC.