Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Let the work begin

It's all about the food on Thanksgiving.  First we pour over the cookbooks.  Is there something we'd like to try?  A new pie?  New stuffing?  I just love Gooseberry Patch cookbooks. 
However, I still fall back on Betty.  All my turkey cooking instructions come from her.  Need a great mac & cheese recipe... page 167.  How about apple crisp?  Page 124.  You still just can't get away from those basics.  See how well loved my book is?
The first 2 pies were the standard Thanksgiving pies... pumpkin and mincemeat.  There is an apple crumb in the oven.  What spices to mix with the apples came from Gooseberry but I chose to make the apple crisp topping to put on the pie half way through baking.  I pinched a little and put it in the fridge to use on the sweet potatoes tomorrow. 
A holiday staple?  Strawberry jello with marshmallows.  Some long ago altered recipe that is a must on our table.  Not putting marshmallows on one end is a concession to my husband who eats it but removes the marshmallows first. 
Hope every one's kitchen is a-buzz with day before cooking.

I am pretty sure one more evening of stitching (one where I'm not half dead tired) and I'll have a finish to show. 

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