Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sewing challenges.

I was so close to finishing my Celtic Solstice by Bonnie Hunter but the quilting took longer than expected (as if that's news) and then I sat down to start stitching the binding down and found this....

Cooper loves a tent or fort.  He was all curled up and ready for a nap inside the heaped up quilt I'd left beside my stitching chair.  So, I left him and put off starting the binding for a day or two.  I am still not done but I will be soon.  

When the boys aren't snuggling up against the cold they are my very own Whirling Dervishes.  


I've been working on a variety of odds and ends in my sewing room.  I made this little piece as a challenge for my quilt guild.  We are supposed to make a quilt of a door.   Mine is modeled after my own front door.  We have side lights like this plus a half moon window above the door and windows.  I left that out because we don't need to get all crazy here!  (Curves....I don't think so.)  I fussy cut the snowmen from some fabric and appliqued them using my machine's blanket stitch.  It will be fun to see what other people made. 

I am optimistic that this winter will end...someday.  The layer of ice and snow pack on the drive has been my own personal challenge.  Grrr...melt....darn it. 

In the mean time...there is plenty of fabric awaiting. 



  1. Oh my goodness! Your quilted door is so sweet!
    What in the world are the cats doing?!

  2. Your door is really cute, especially the snowmen. I have to say the quilt on the floor has some beautiful color combinations in it! I agree that Winter has worn out it's welcome.

  3. I'm always amazed about how productive you are! The door quilt is really cute! Love the pic of the whirling dervishes. We have our own whirling dervish here. Last night I think he was part of the Olympics. Of course old lady cat is less than enthused.

  4. Your little whirling dervishes are adorable--and very entertaining, I'm sure!! Love how kitties always find the coziest spot to nap and that lovely quilt sure looks cozy indeed...

    Your snowman door finish quilt block is adorable, Pam. Now, I have to ask, what does fussy cut mean? I've heard it before, but have no idea what it is.

    Yes, that layer of snow and ice was horrible to shovel--and of course, it had to happen when my husband was in Florida!! Hang in there :)

  5. You are such a talented quilter! I love seeing your quilts and blocks. And the kitties. Let's not forget the kitties!