Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Retreat projects.

I have unpacked and sorted my sewing supplies, stashed my new stash, and photographed what I worked on. 

Because I was very busy before heading off to my retreat I arrived without doing any prep work.  I didn't have anything cut...just fabrics, patterns, and a couple WIPs.   That meant I spent a lot of time sorting, organizing, and cutting.  So, I felt like I didn't accomplish as much as I could have if I'd gone better prepared. 

The first project I made was a wall hanging from Gathering Friends by Kathryn Squibb & Deborah Jacobs in a book titled By Request. The pattern name is Pine Needles.

It's 32 inches square and made from a kit I bought at my local quilt shop.  While it looks very Christmas like...it doesn't have to be.  It's made with pine tree fabrics. 

The pattern was so user friendly...a joy to work with.  We all know how that's not always the case.

I was just thumbing through the book looking for something else to make now that I know the patterns are so well written.

Next I made this little wall hanging.

This one is using Christmas fabrics.  It's another small one...just 20 inches square made from a kit assembled by a shop.  The pattern name is Starflake and it's a Snap Sack kit.  Snap Sack patterns are put out for quilt shops to create their own kits from using the fabrics of their choice.  So, you may see the same pattern in several shops but the fabrics in the kit would probably be completely different.  I have made several Snap Sack patterns.  

My final project came home in pieces.

This Friendship Star pattern is a kit using pinks along side breast cancer novelty pinks.  It's a very slow and tedious quilt because the rows are made one by one with special care being sure everything points in the direction its supposed to.  I think I will be giving this to a coworker as her 'chemo quilt'.  Sad, I know.  Everyone expects everything will go well and the chemo is just a precaution. 

So, that's my 'big reveal'.  I hope to finish the Friendship Star quilt in the next week or two. 



  1. THAT seems like a lot to have accomplished!! I LOVE that pink Friendship Star quilt.

  2. Wow! I'd say you got a lot accomplished, Pam! That pink quilt for your co-worker is going to be so special--how sweet of you to make it for her...

  3. Well, it looks to me like you got a lot done. Love the pink stars too.