Monday, September 29, 2014

The end of another month.

What a busy month.  Not quite the same as when there were kids home but still extra busy.  We visited Buttercup for her Parent's Weekend which was fun.  She goes to school in a beautiful area of NY.  Fall colors everywhere.  Next weekend we are headed to The Boy Wonder's campus for a similar weekend.

Despite my busy days...I have managed to keep up with Winter Solstice.  

This month we have added trees to the design board. Lots of trees.  

Tall, short and medium trees.

I believe sheep are next. 

I have even managed to keep up with another block of the month that I didn't start until 3 months had piled up and I've joined in on another project of the month group that I may not keep pace with but would like to participate in now and again.  I will post that one tomorrow, though. 



  1. Your quilt is looking WONDERFUL! I know, it was a ton of trees but after you are finished they add so much to the quilt that you forget the pain and agony...much like giving birth! haha

  2. So glad you had such nice weather for your parents weekend trip--and yes, that is a gorgeous part of NYS. Thanks again for sending me the photos of my old house and two of my favorite restaurants!!

    Your quilt is looking so cute--love the variety in the trees!

  3. That certainly is a lot of trees, I made the mistake of counting them!! Happy sewing!