Thursday, September 18, 2014

Let there be....


A true sign of fall around my house is that I want to bake.  I like to bake the most in the fall.

Yesterday I made 7 pies.  Yum. Fall just lends itself to baking.  The produce and the cooler temps allowing for an open window to make spending an afternoon in the kitchen pleasant.   

My church is known for their pies.  We specifically serve only pies for dessert at our fund raising dinners and hold a pie sale in the summer.  This year we didn't have a summer sale so are holding it this weekend.  I ended up with 7 pies based on my crust recipe.  I got a bonus 6 inch pumpkin pie using the crust leavings and left over pumpkin filling.  Since the foil tins are a little shallow I had a bit of pumpkin left.  That will be for the family this weekend.  I wish those 2 at the end were for apple and a peach/blueberry.  Maybe I'll make more just for the house.  We'll see.  It's only a few short weeks until our fall fund raising dinner when I will be obligated to make more.

On an entirely different note and because my annoyance has continued for 3 anyone else sick and tired of the way department stores try to entice you to give personal information and to spend more money at the check out?  Seriously.  It is maddening.  I went to a small local department store (owned by the Stage Stores Co)  Monday.  At check out I chose to use my debit card.  No, not the store card....I had to answer.  Then she tried to tell me how easy it was to open a store account.  I said I had one...she said she could look it up.  No, thanks.  Do I want to donate to the local humane society, do I want a 'free' trial of 3 magazines (which, by the way, leads to a charge on your account without you knowing to extend all 3 subscriptions I learned from a friend), what is my phone number (I'd already had it removed from my account info because they were so over the top with phone calls) and lastly, my email so they could email me my receipt.  I need a shirt that says.....Just ring me up!  I recently went to an upscale store at the mall and when I declined to open a rewards type account the salesclerk got very huffy and practically threw my purchases into a tissue to protect them.  See how fast I return to Pottery Barn....I mean...that store.  I feel like naming names might make them realize how they are hindering business instead of building it.

Anywho.....back to our regularly scheduled stitching/sewing related posts.

I need to photograph a couple very cool projects then I will share.



  1. ooOoo! The pies look delicious!
    YES! COMPLETELY ANNOYING!!! My husband says no and then repeats, I said no. That moves things along.

  2. Beautiful pies! I also really like your background.

  3. YUM! Pumpkin pie is my favorite!! Yours look scrumptious! I love baking in the fall also!
    Yup, I agree!!

  4. They all look perfect, Pam! Wish I could get my crusts to look that good. I only make pies at Thanksgiving and always struggle with the crusts...

    I think I would email PB and complain--my sister used to work there and they are very good about answering customer's complaints. I notice the asking for contributions at the check-out a lot more when I'm up in your area than down here for some reason...

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