Sunday, September 20, 2015

Finished and Framed.

I picked up freshly framed pieces this week.

There is nothing like finally seeing a piece framed and ready for display.  
Shoreline by Heinzit.  

American Frontier by Tumbleweeds.

Keep the Spirit by Debbie Mumm.

Oops...the close up of the frame left the stitching blurry.

I also buckled down and finished up Sweet Land of Liberty so I could leave it at the framers when I picked up the finished pieces.

October's A Year In Chalk is also finished.  I think this one had the most stitching thus far.

The year, to date, as it hangs on my design wall.

I will figure out the finishing once I have all 12 stitched.  The last two will arrive this week.

Fall is in the air which always means lots of sewing time.  I've had my first pie baking for church dinners, made the first batch of applesauce of the season and have prepared some quilts for long arm quilting.  With The Boy Wonder graduated and Buttercup off in Spain we won't have any of the traditional fall sporting events or parent's weekends.  How ever will I fill the time?  



  1. Woeza! Beautiful frames for beautiful stitching, great choice of frames for each piece.
    I haven't seen anyone with so many year ina chalk stitched up, you're doing great.
    Happy stitching!!!

  2. Your work is just terrific. All the frames really fit the pieces beautifully.

  3. What a great bunch of framing, Pam! Your framer really does a wonderful job (I need to bring some more of mine up for her soon!!). Congratulations on finishing that cute patriotic piece and all of the chalkboard months so far--I know you're not finding it that easy to stitch on the dark fabric, but they look great!

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog the other day. I was thrilled to discover someone else who enjoys my favorite hobbies -- reading and cross-stitch. I've done a whole lot more of the former than of the latter in recent years, but I still love to stitch! In fact, I'm working on a big family tree piece that's been in the works for about ... gulp ... ten years. Yikes! I've enjoyed peeking at your wonderful work. I especially love the patriotic one. Gorgeous.