Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Helping hands.

While I was choosing thread colors Buttercup sat at my machine working on a charity project. 

I wondered what the chances were that I could slip some quilt squares in there.  A ghost stitcher.  Wouldn't that be awesome?  

The two week count down has begun.  In two weeks she will be in Spain....when a whole different count down begins.  

College kids are back on campus.  Strange to not have anyone to pack up and move.  Grade school starts here in NY later than most other states so the Scholar isn't back in front of a class until next week.  

I love fall and will get busy with fall flowers, decorations, jam making, stitching, and quilting.  Although, I think I've managed more stitching this summer than normal.  And reading.  I've read more books than ever this summer.  My goal of 50 books in a year has almost been reached.  I will assemble some titles and write about them soon.

Happy end of summer.


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  1. That is an impressive book count, Pam! I am such a slow reader--I'm lucky if I've even read 20 so far this year...

    I'm sure it really does see weird not to be sending anyone off to college! I hope your daughter has an amazing semester in Spain. My brother's daughter is going to be in Portugal for an entire year as an AFS student. It's too bad they aren't near each other.

    Enjoy your fall decorating--you have the perfect home to showcase it :)