Friday, August 26, 2016

There has been stitching!

Despite all my complaining about how much time the costume making took up...I still managed to stitch.  Not as much as I might normally... but I skipped my HEAD rotation and just worked on smaller projects.

I did finish the finishing on Lizzie Kate's Boxer Jr:  Summer-licious.

A quick simple yellow check ribbon ruched and held in place with pins.

I propped it up in the china cabinet in my front hall.

I also picked up one of the many projects I kitted up recently.  It's been kind of fun having all those projects ready to go.

Country Cottage Needlework's Christmas Carol.

My small for July is this cute free pattern from The Prairie Grove Peddler.  I tried to find a link but the pattern I have is dated 2008 so maybe it's not available anymore.  My nice large folder of printed freebies is busting at the seams and probably contains many old patterns not available.

I just made a little pillow filled with crushed walnut shells and attached a red checked ribbon.  Again, nothing fancy.

I used a red plaid fabric for the backing. I think I have just enough linen and fabric to make another one using a different free patriotic pattern.  I'll try to get it stitched in the next few days so I can count it for August but there's no guarantee.

I pulled this lovely little kit out of my collection of kits and took it to Florida with me.

Ladybug, Ladybug by Little House Needleworks.  I don't know why it took me so long to stitch this one.  I love geraniums and it was so quick.

In a recent post I hinted at a piece I was working on that wasn't part of the pile I binge-kitted.

Jingle by Shepherd's Bush was another nice quick stitch.  There are supposed to be some flowers across the top but I left them off so I'd have a square piece to finish as an ornament or pinkeep or whatever.

From far away you can see how the folded fabric that came in the kit has discolored at the fold.  I'll have to finish this one close to the stitching to avoid those lines.

Not a bad showing for feeling like I had very little sewing time.



  1. You've got some pretty little finishes here, Pam! Nicely done!

  2. Pretty little crosses and sweet finishes!

  3. Well, my sister was visiting last weekend and I totally missed your wonderful post, Pam! Such great little finishes--love the ruched ribbons :) The little Cat's Meow accessory you have displayed with the patriotic finish is adorable with the black kitty!

    Hope your September is starting off well--can't believe how lovely this weather is :)