Saturday, September 10, 2016

Catching up continues.

I am starting to feel caught up with pictures and projects.

I managed to stitch and finish a small for August and I also finished something out of my neglected smalls pile.

My small was another free pattern by Mani di Donna called 4th of July.  I was determined to finish it just the same as my last Patriotic finish but had an oops.  I trimmed the fabric too close to the stitched edge and I feel like the impact of the edge is lost in the ribbon.

I made it using the same fabric and the same finish as my July small.  I don't think the scale between the two is really that different.  It is a bit exaggerated in this photo.

My finish from my unfinished and neglected smalls isn't really all that old.  I stitched this in January of this year.  Sue Hillis Design's 'The Stockings Are Hung' which is a little Post Stitches pattern.

I did not look at anyone's instructions in particular but I can say it's a combination of what I've learned by using Judy O'Dell's finishing instructions and having done some finishing lead by Mona of The Silver Needle.

Love the cording made from DMC 347 which is one of the reds used in the pattern.

So, I'm working on some more projects which I will try to get posted soon.  I am hoping to spend the day puttering in my sewing room so will attempt to prepare some future posts.

Right now I am watching a flosstube by Vonna.  She's making me think about getting organized!  I'm so easily influenced!  Not to mention how I just sort of pile stuff here and there with no organization what-so ever!


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