Thursday, March 25, 2010

What's cooking

en la casa de la Queen? I have a cold and don't feel like doing anything so I'm going to talk cooking. Plus the new piece I started stitching yesterday is all white on white. Hardly an interesting photograph.

I am fortunate enough to live outside the city that is the birth place of the best grocery store in the world. Wegman's. While they've moved into other areas and states, they're still at their best in this part of New York. Here is the newest item I found while shopping recently.

I'm never going to be a great cook nor do I have the desire to be one. I do like to try to find new ways to cook the same ol' same ol'. But, often, when browsing a new recipe magazine or cookbook I don't try a new recipe because I have to buy too many expensive spices. If the recipe gets a thumbs down from the kids I don't make it again, yet the spices linger in the cupboard. So, when I saw these cute little items I had to add them to my cart. Even better then the premeasured spices is.... the complete recipe is on the back so if it's a good one I can invest in the spices and make it again. Cool, huh?

So far, the Garlic Lime Chicken Fajitas got a thumbs sideways*, the Spanish Chicken Skillet hasn't been tried, but Apple & Sage Pork Chops got thumbs up! I have since bought the 2 spices that were missing from my cupboard so I can make it again.

Anyhow, that's about all I've got. Now I'm going to the couch to waste my afternoon watching on old PBS series on Henry VIII's wives.

The Queen Bee

*Thumbs sideways is an expession the kids use to sort of poke fun at how they were taught in elementary school to say they didn't like something. You know..... no negativity or anything.


  1. What a neat idea these packets are! I don't have a Wegman's so I'll have to cross my fingers that they're at my local.

    I love the 6 Wives of Henry VIII! Isn't that a great mini-series!