Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I've located the pictures

I couldn't find yesterday.  I took a couple progress pictures and some additional pictures of 'Think Summer' after completing the finishing.

First up... Blue Ribbon Design's 'Peppermint Twist'.  I keep plugging away at this one, even though it's a very sloooooow go.  40count..... ick.  I would have thought this would stitch up fast, but not when you can't see where you're going.  

 CCN's 'A Bee C Sampler' gets a stitch or 2 every now and again. 
 I took a much better photo of Lizzie Kate's 'Think Summer' but then I finish-finished it that same day...
 I chose just one fabric since it pulled all the colors from the design, but didn't overwhelm it like a patchwork border appeared to. 
 I had a few seashell pins that I tucked into it. 
 I also had some fun flip flop fabric I used for the back.  I put a little pocket on the top so I could hang it in the event the perfect hanger came along. 
Not bad for someone who feels like she's been hit by a major stitching slump?

Now, if I could just figure out why it looks wonky when I take a picture.... because it's really nice and straight in real life...... 


  1. I've purchased some nice hand dyed aida for my Peppermint Twist. Don't think I could manage 40ct!!
    Nice progress on the CCN, but I LOVE your new LK! It's so perfect - everything about it is wonderful! I'm sure it's straight. It looks like there's just the hint of a shadow in the bottom left corners of your photos, and that may be throwing the image off a little.

  2. Your LK is darling!! Beautiful job of finishing (don't you love how the camera makes some of our finishes look wonky at times--wish I could figure that out, too!).

    I've never tried stitching on 40ct.--hang in there! Your Peppermint Twist will be worth all the squinting :)

  3. Love the flip flop fabric. That project came out cute.

  4. The WIP's look great, I love 40ct linen
    The finish turned out fantastic, it's so sweet