Sunday, April 10, 2011

A nice bright

stitching finish.... finally!  The other day I needed a little something to take to my craft group meeting so I pulled out Lizzie Kate's 'Think Summer'.  Another of my crazy January Challenge pieces.  It finished up pretty quickly and seems to be calling out for a cute little pieced border making it into a wall hanging or little table topper.

I think the thread colors lost some brightness in the picture, but the fabrics sure didn't. I've been collecting bright fabrics for a wall hanging with flip flops.  Getting the fabrics out makes me want to get busy on it.  I seem to be starting one little thing after another lately.  One of these days I'll have a post with a whole bunch of completed projects.... making it look like I really was chained to my sewing machine.

Spring is trying its best to make an appearance in western NY.  We're still getting more rain and gray then sun, but it's coming.  We're occasionally above freezing over night.... a sure sign of spring. 

I'm off to tackle the ironing.  My husband is heading out on another trip.  Las Vegas last week.... Atlanta this.


  1. This is fuch a fun finish! I love the bright colors so much!

  2. What a fun and colorful finish

  3. Isn't it funny how a bright finish can lighten our mood? Your LK piece is darling and will look wonderful with those fabrics you've pulled.

    We had a delightful 78 degree day here--so nice to have the windows open and the fresh air blowing through the house again. Hope your weather warms up soon :)