Friday, April 22, 2011

Some sewing

I have been sewing...just not photographing much.  Some days it just feels like the same ol' same ol' and who wants to see pictures of that? 

One of my goals this year has been to work my way thru some of the quilt kits I've amassed.  I've done a pretty good job so far.

First up are 3 seasonal kits.  These are in a semi-finished state and just hanging on the shelf in my sewing room.  I am doing a demo at our next quilt guild meeting on creating a mitered seam when joining the ends of the binding.  So, these are my samples.
 Then I finished my last 3 Patch Abilities kits.  These are so fast and easy but I'm tired of all the embellishing and applique. 
 However, when it comes to decorating, I enjoy having these to toss on the table or shelf.  I also put a little pocket on the back to hang them.  One never knows where I'll decide to put one. 

Spring is trying to come, but a few snow flakes have fallen every day this week.  Next week it will be warm...if you can believe the weather man.  Time will tell. 


  1. Those are nice! I like the snowman, but I can see what you mean about all the embellishing. I gave up on a hand-appliqued mini quilt a while back because I just couldn't face all the blanket stitching :0

  2. Super lovely! I especially love the tulip one tossed on the table. And what's that I spy next to it? Is that PS Daffodils? That's my Pammie!

  3. I suddenly just now occurred to me that you may hate being called Pammie. Do you see what you have to put up with when I comment?

  4. Fabulous finishes!! My favorite is the gate with the flowers.

  5. Spring? What's that?? I can't believe these cool temperatures and this non-stop rain!!

    Love your finishes (and almost finishes!), Pam--especially that top one with the tulips. And, of course, the bunny is one of my favorites, too :)

    Happy Easter!