Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A blizzard with no name...

Weathermen love to name storms, right?  This is the first winter I've ever heard of our snow storms being given names.  I fully expected this latest storm, now declared a blizzard, to have a name.  I think the weathermen are just thrilled to learn it's really and truly a 'blizzard'.  Also, they're feeling smug about predicting it correctly and that the Weather Channel has sent someone to stand out in it and report to the nation. 

We're a tough breed, here in western NY.  We can take it.  Our houses are tough, we have lots of practice driving in it, we even cancel school....most of the time...and have enough food in the pantry to hold us over.  No last minute rush to the grocery store to stock up on bread and milk.  I've always wondered what people would do with all that bread and milk.  Eat lots of french toast, maybe. 

However it plays out...I'm hanging out in my sewing room.  Lots of work happening there.  I won't be showing any WIP's though.  Not my style. 

Don't despair, I do have something photo worthy. 

I've finished the Friendship Star quilt I made in anticipation of a friend under going chemotherapy for breast cancer.  It is throw or lap size.

My quilt inspector watched from the ottoman but didn't get on it.  He has such nice manners.

The quilting is a flowing ribbon and heart pattern.

I washed it to give it that plush crinkled look.  Also, it is being given with the purpose of being dragged around a little and I thought prewashing was a good idea.  I didn't want her to think she'd ruined it if she washed it for the first time and pulled a crinkly mess out of the dryer. 

The back is a tiny pink check.

I made this even though I don't know if she'll end up having chemotherapy.  I've had the fabric and pattern for several years.  If I have to tuck it away for someone else, that will be alright. It just means I have one less project box in my stash.  I can just tuck it away with the baby quilts I've made just in case I need a baby related quilt gift.  You can't just whip these things up at the drop of a hat!

Back to the cave.  Many projects await.



  1. Awesome! It turned out so great. The snow missed us this time.

  2. Really pretty. Such a nice pattern and great colors.

  3. Even tough New Yorkers must be getting tired of the storms! I like your attitude about it all though. :)
    Love the quilt you made with your friend in mind. Hope she can forego the chemo.

  4. Congratulations on finishing such a lovely quilt :)
    Best wishes.

  5. So pretty. What a thoughtful gift to have to give. You did a wonderful job.

  6. Oh, that turned out beautifully, Pam!! Love those colors and it is perfect for someone battling breast cancer...

    Did you end up with a lot of snow? We only got a dusting, but, boy those winds last night were howling! I've always wondered the same thing about the last minute lines in the grocery stores before a storm. I honestly think I have enough food in my pantry already to last a good two or three weeks. Of course, I grew up in western NY, too, so maybe that's why I'm usually prepared--we are a hearty bunch!

  7. What a beautiful, thoughtful quilt! On one hand I hope she doesn't need it, but also know how much comfort it will bring her during a tough time. Awesome!