Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I might need to change the name

of my blog to a title that includes something about being a block-of-the-month addict.  Before one can wind down I'm starting another!  (You haven't even seen the one that I'm 3 months into because I haven't started it yet.)

This newest one, Winter Solstice,  is an online group started by Paulette of Sweet P Quilting and Creations.

The homespuns and rustic look spoke to me.

 The pattern is out of the book: Life in the Country. 

Our first assignment was to make the two barns.  

When making houses and barns out of homespun or plaids you have to be ready for a bit of a wonky look.  That sort of thing usually gets lost when the whole quilt is finished.

I had a helper (or anti-helper) in my sewing room yesterday.

Murphy has a 'thing' for thread.  If I'm sewing the binding on a quilt I have to keep all the raw edges hidden or he chews on the threads.  He discovered the shelf of thread yesterday.  He is trying to eat the loose ends...the stinker.  He also found the waste basket. 



  1. WOW!! Your barns look AMAZING!! I hope you'll share again on the last day of the month as that's when the big BOM reveal is! Or I can link you back to this post...Regardless LOVE your first two blocks!

  2. You always find the cutest patterns, Pam--your two barns look just great!!

    Oh, that Murphy--I can only imagine the havoc he would wreak on your threads if left on his own for too long :)