Friday, July 11, 2014

Playing Catch Up

I keep thinking about all the things I said I'd post then I either don't have a picture or have something else to post.  So, today I will catch up a couple things. 


my new Pfaff Performance 5.0  has come home.  It is such fun.   The learning curve was almost 0 since my previous Pfaff had similar features.  There are some new things I'm the automatic thread snips.  My old machine had it but I never used it.  Why?  I don't know.  It also has the knee lift...although I haven't done anything that would need it.  I sometimes use it on my travel machine so I already know I like it. 

Next...a quick quilt for Buttercup's birthday. 

I guess I don't have a close up.  It just uses the same sailboat fabric as The Scholar's birthday quilt.  It is meant to be used.  Tossed around, taken to college or camp and thrown in the washing machine.  It isn't anything fancy.

The back uses 2 strips that started out on the front.  When I laid them all out it was much too wide.
I put them on the back between strips of manatee fabric. 

Love the manatee fabric.  It has so much depth.  It made a nice backing because I didn't have to cut it up into small pieces.

I recently went to an antique mall and bought an old ladder to display quilts.  I just pulled out quilts that were on hand to try it out.  It will be fun to change out the quilts by season or theme.

I still have a class project I haven't unpacked and photograph.  So many projects, so little time.

Happy Friday.



  1. What a great find at the antique store. :)

  2. I love the quilting ladder, glad you're enjoying your new sewing machine :)
    Best wishes.

  3. Oh, I'll bet you are thrilled with the new machine--I limp along with my 37 year old machine so yours looks amazing!

    Cute quilt for your daughter--it will be nice for her to cozy up in as she studies in the winter at college. And what a great find in that old letter--the display of quilts is so inviting!

  4. I really like the ladder for displaying your quilts! What a good idea, and you have some really pretty ones to display!!