Friday, August 29, 2014

At last, some framed finishes.

As I made my way through my pile of finished stitching I decided a couple were too large for me to make into anything.

First,  Brownbird Sampler by Bent Creek. 

Anyone remember back to the Crazy January Challenge of 2011?  That year people assembled 15 kits and started one on each of the first 15 days of January?  There is a tab at the top where I list mine.  I should go back and add the appropriate photos.  You my free time and because uploading pictures is so easily accomplished on Blogger. 

Anyhow, this one was kitted up and was one of the ones that went beyond my chosen 15.  I will admit to having another one or two still awaiting their turn.  If I do another January challenge those will have to top the list. was a cute and quick little piece. 

The frame compliments the stitching perfectly.

Next is July Cottage by Country Cottage Needleworks.  I removed the word 'July' in favor of additional fireworks.  I wanted to be able to display it all summer.  For whatever reason I love a pattern with a flower pot.   

My most favorite finish of late is Hares' Christmas by Plum Street Samplers.

Anything that includes three children is an automatic 'must stitch' on my list.

I liked it enough to do a double frame. 

Don't those colors just make this piece complete? 

I am so lucky to have found a framer with an artist's eye. 

Happy Stitching.



  1. Yes, your framer is great! Good for you!

  2. Always fun to pick up goodies from the framers

  3. I think Hares' Christmas is my favourite, but they all look perfect in their frames :)
    Best wishes.

  4. Toooooo cute! I think I stitched Brown Bird for my mom for her 60th b-day a few years ago!

  5. Great job on all--I love what you and the framer chose for the hares piece... So cute!