Sunday, August 10, 2014

I am so far behind

on posts of what I've worked on this summer that it is almost shameful.  Although, not spending time on the computer is NOT shameful.  I've been away for the last 3 weeks and while I read email and my regular blogs, I spent very little time on the computer.  My days are structured differently and I don't even think about the computer....even forgetting to check email like I normally would.

Anyhow, one of the projects I worked on before going away was a quilt to be raffled at church.  It was made by a very accomplished quilter who would normally hand quilt her projects but time is at a premium for something like this.  I don't quilt for anyone but myself so actually working on something for someone else was nerve-wracking!

When she gave me the quilt she expressed concern over the bulky seams at the center of the flowers.

What caught my eye, though, was the folded centers.

Yikes!  How was I going to prevent those from getting caught by the machine's foot and folded over?

I tried a variety of ways to hold the fabric down but the one that worked the best was a bit of freezer paper pressed over the folds.

My test spot worked out so I cut larger pieces and placed them over all the centers.

When I was finished I just tore away the freezer paper. 

The maker of the quilt did not remember the name...sorry...but it sure looks like a fun one to make.  The flower centers are folded so that they pop into place when the flower is pieced. 

I have a whole bunch of tops to quilt so that will be my focus in the coming weeks.  Plus, I'll try to get caught up with the other things I've worked on.  I am making headway in finishing WIPs....although I worked on two new projects while on vacation.



  1. Good thinking and great work!

  2. What a great idea, Pam!! The quilting looks amazing and I'm sure it will bring in some big money at the church raffle!

    Glad you're back home and that you got so much done during your computer free weeks :) I think I need that myself!

  3. Hello, the pattern for this quilt is free on the United Notions (i.e. Moda) website. It is called Garden Party and is by Blackbird Designs.
    PS love your idea of using freezer paper!