Monday, August 18, 2014

Holy bow, Batman!


In real life...I swear that bow is nowhere near as big as it looks in the pictures!

I might have to go look again.

This little ditty was a free pattern but I can't find it!  I have even cleaned and organized my piles and didn't unearth it.  Anyhow...I bought a finishing kit by Mona from the Silver Needle.   This is the best link I could find.  Used to be there were a variety of kits you could they appear to only be associated with their Secret Needle Night kits.  Anyhow, the kit that arrived wasn't the one I ordered so it went into my stash and languished there for years.  One day I decided to stitch the little piece...which I did and promptly didn't like.  The photo wasn't in color...not that I couldn't change it once I got going but I'll do just about anything to not 'unstitch'.  So there is sat until the day I decided I absolutely HAD to start making my way through the pile waiting to be finished.   I love a boxy finish and Mona's kits are so easy to use.  The bow is pre-made.  I even untied it and made it smaller.'s huge.  Maybe it will blend into the background when I place it among my patriotic pieces next summer.

Next up...

A very cute little free pattern from The Snowflower Diaries called Tulips with Chick. (I fixed it...incase you were clicking this link and it didn't work right...)

 Such a cute little chick.

I took a couple pieces to be framed but still have half a dozen (or more) things that I hope to finish myself.  I am planning another boxer (minus the enormous bow) and maybe a couple pin keeps.  We'll see.  Sometimes I go an entirely different direction when I actually sit down to work on something.

Happy stitching.



  1. That bow is fantastic! It does look big though.
    I clicked the Tulips With Chick link and it is for the Silver Needle. Whoops!

  2. Fantastic creations! I love the fabric you've used for the Spring design :)
    Best wishes.