Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Another finished project.

I finished Winter Solstice this afternoon.

I've been working right along each month and posting along with Paulette and the other participants. 

I was finished with the main part of the quilt at the end of October but still needed to create the checker board boarder (ugh), quilt, and bind it.

Luckily it is a smallish wall hanging so I could quilt it in one afternoon (and Stella* was in a good mood) then bind it the next day while catching up on past episodes of Scandal.  (Don't you love that show?)

I've been waiting to use this quilt pattern....pine trees with starts on top.

*Stella is my long arm.  So named because some days she has her groove on and other days she's in a seriously foul mood.

Happy Stitching.



  1. What a pretty piece! I think the quilting patterns you chose are perfect for your piece.

  2. It looks so great, Pam, and I love the colors. Will you hang it up in your home?