Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Finish it November.

This month will be all about finishing projects.  One project is on the ironing board, another on the long arm, and numerous projects are tucked away in project boxes that I need to pull out.  

I know I won't finish everything but I'm trying.  I don't like having so many unfinished projects. 

But, even so, I caught myself mentally picking out fabric for a pattern I saw online and thought I'd make next!  


My latest finish is a wool table topper I started last winter. 

Old St. Nick by Primitive Gatherings.  

This was a very enjoyable piece to work on.

I have some other wool kits I can't wait to start.  And there I go again...making plans to start one right away!  No wonder I have so many unfinished projects. 

The same holds true for cross stitch.  I was starting to make plans for a January challenge where I start a bunch of new things but I really have to focus on projects I've started and put away. 

It looks like we're going to have dreary fall weather so it will be a good time to commit to a month of finishing up what I started this last year (and the year before...and the year before.) 



  1. That is very sweet! Glad you got it finished. Good luck with your plans. ;)

  2. I love your Santa wool table topper! Good luck with your finishing endeavors.

  3. This is a gorgeous finish!! Love it!

  4. I'm on a wool kick right now too! Love this one!