Sunday, November 16, 2014

Birthday Boy

The Boy Wonder turns 22 today.  I sent him a package since I won't see him until Thanksgiving.  It just amazes me how time has passed.  I remember more of his babyhood than I do of my girls'.  Shhh.  Don't tell them.  He came into the world the hard way and had quite a first year.  He is only 18 months younger than the Scholar so I had two babies at home.  He slept like a trooper all day long making it easy to take care of his sister. 

Once he got his days and nights straightened out he was an easy baby.

This birthday card is just perfect. 

Happy Birthday.....Su Madre.


  1. hahaha! Love the card. Happy Birthday to your DS.

  2. Ahhh warms the heart watching our kids grow up! Such a nice boy!!

  3. I'll bet he's always been one nice guy (after all he has one nice mom :) Happy Birthday to him!