Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Year in Chalk

I am up to date on my Year in Chalk by Hands on Designs. 

February...the one I forgot to photograph.

March...which I just finished this week.

These are a slow-go for me.  I find working on black very difficult. 

I have discovered a reoccurring theme in the pieces I have neglected.  They are all on dark fabric.  From here on out I will avoid pieces stitched on dark fabric.  (With the exception of the remaining months of this project.)



  1. I find when working on black it helps to work in good light and place something light on your lap... that way you can see the holes. I'll usually put paper towel on my lap. If it's dark underneath then no way!

    These charts are gorgeous, keep at 'em!

  2. Dave gave me a gift cert for my birthday. Guess what I'm buying?

  3. These are so sweet. I love watching for the next one here. :) Some day I may get these. Money is real tight so not right now.
    I put something white under my dark stitching also.

  4. Love these!! Hope to stitch these also if I can find the right fabric...