Thursday, April 9, 2015

Grand Illusions...the finale.

Bonnie Hunter's fall 2014 mystery quilt is finally finished.

I had the top done in a timely manner back in January but I have now quilted and bound it.

I have been on a craze to match up backings to tops, measure and label everything, hang it in an organized fashion, and to have a quilt ALWAYS on my frame.  My backlog is crazy.  I'd rather piece than quilt and it shows.

I used a panto called Sea Side purchased from Urban Elementz. 

Stella, so named because she is one moody machine, seemed to enjoy this pattern. 

I have left it out in hopes that the next quilt can be quilted using the same pattern.

Here she is sporting the tattoo I received when I ordered from Urban Elementz the last time. 

I am still working away at finishing up any quilt left in bits and pieces in a box. 

Thanks for all the helpful hints about stitching on dark fabric.  I do know the white fabric on your lap trick.  It doesn't work when the weave is so tight there aren't any holes!  Plus, I have to hold the fabric up under the magnifier in such a way that my lap isn't really what is behind the piece.  I suspect aging eye sight as well as a high count fabric is at the crux of the problem. 



  1. Gorgeous! I can't wait to see what's next!

  2. The only way I can stitch on black, is if I use aida. At least I can find the holes. I usually use 18 count. I have mostly used this for small things, like ornaments. I have tried black linens and evenweaves, but they are too difficult for me to see the holes. Especially one of them that was fuzzy fabric to boot!! Your quilt is lovely!!

  3. Really lovely, Pam!! I think the fact that I have horrible far away vision, but great near vision helps me with stitching on small counts and dark fabrics. For once in my life, I'm happy to have bad eyes :)