Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy Easter

Spring is trying so hard to make an appearance in western New York.  I saw a hint of the grass turning green yesterday.  It looks like our Easter will be wintery, though.  

In the mean time...Chicks Jubilee by Bunny Hill is home and hung.  This was a block of the month I worked on in 2013.  I took it to my long arm quilter in early 2014 so she could custom quilt it for me.  I simply don't have those skills yet.  Since it was a spring quilt I told her to take as long as she needed.  She finally got it back to me this past January. 

Wow!  So worth the wait.

Each square is as cute as the next.

The quilting really lends to the picture.  I love the little bows that mimic the bows on the egg tree.

Look how the stitches add motion to the little chicks foot as she runs.

And how it looks like rain is falling.

 I will hate putting it away for the season.



  1. I love Bunny Hill! Aren't Anne's designs the best? Your quilt is spectacular!! I think you can leave it up for a long time - it is just perfect! You should send a picture of it to Anne at Bunny Hill - I think she would truly love to see it. Congratulations to you!

  2. Oh, that is too cute!! Those sweet little chicks are adorable, Pam--I can see why you'll miss it when you put it away. You and the quilter did a fabulous job... Happy Easter to you and your family--sure hope it warms up for you :)