Friday, July 31, 2015

Pictures... Part II

Finally, pictures of the rest of my finishes. 

It's a general mish-mash of items.

I made two charity baby quilts.  Neither is terribly exciting.  

I had a variety of pink fabrics that were smaller squares than I usually keep... 4 1/4.  An odd size that seemed wasteful to cut down to the sizes I normally keep.

Since I had even more squares after the first quilt I pulled a few more scraps and played around with a disappearing 4 patch block.

I thought the end result wasn't too bad...especially considering what a mess I thought it was before sashing, borders, and quilting.

I also finished July's A Year In Chalk.

The binding and a sleeve have been added to Over the River and Through the Woods.

I used a quilt pattern that looks like wind to enhance the embroidery.  This will hang in a local quilt show at the end of August.

And finally, I made two more Journey Bags.  This time I made them 2 inches wider, an inch longer, and squared off the bottom.  They will act as a purse better this way.  The previous example was very long and thin...the perfect size for an ipad but not for a wallet.

Everyone who sees these bags likes all the outside pockets.  I especially like the cell phone pocket on the front and the nice big pocket on the back to slip your car keys in for easy retrieval.

I have a few more WIPs that might remain in hiding a bit longer because I am ready to move on to a new item or two.  I won't forget them, though.  I just need a break from half finished projects. 

Hopefully next time I will have something new to show.


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  1. I'm finally getting around to reading your post from last week, Pam!! Just too busy making more cookies for my niece's wedding tomorrow. Hope you have some good weather in store for us :)

    Love the new bags--very creative AND useful! And how kind of you to take time to make the charity quilts--they are so sweet and I know they'll be appreciated. Love the way Over the River turned out, too. Gosh you've been so productive--I feel like a slug this summer--too much travel does not equal good stitching days!