Friday, July 3, 2015

Unusual birthday tradition?

It's funny how a tradition comes to be.  

One year I bought a cute little water theme Lego set to use as a cake topper for Buttercup's birthday cake.  When she saw it she cake ever!  

You don't have to tell me twice.  Now I keep my eyes out for the same sort of little Lego set.

Unless someone wants something different I just bake a simple two layer cake. This one is Red Velvet but one layer is red and the other blue.

Today Buttercup turns 19.  My final year of teenagers.  Everyone remember what it felt like to have your first child turn 13?  I am happy to be on the backside of that era.  A year from today and I will have completed a 12+ year run.  

Apparently pressing the wrinkles out of the table cloth is outside my scope today.  Also, my kids will never be too old for a little Disney at their birthday supper.

On to the furniture moving phase of my weekend as we pack up The Boy Wonder.



  1. Awesome! I still bake birthday cakes for all three of our kids too. And we have the relatives over.

  2. You're such a sweet mom! Good luck with the move.

  3. What a cute cake and tradition--hard to believe that next year you'll no longer have a teenager!!

    Did the move go well? Hope it wasn't too hot for lugging all the furniture!