Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer means

lots of time for projects. 

I've written before about setting summer-time goals.  About how I used to encourage my kids to set some and how they looked at me like I had two heads. 

Summer isn't what it used to be now that the kids don't look to me to keep them busy.  In fact, they are not home during the summer anymore.  The two older ones started working at a nearby summer camp 6 years ago.  Jobs have morphed, the third one got old enough to go on the payroll, and the middle one went off to join the 'real world' in one way or another. 

Not to be dwarfed by all those changes is that I retired from my job at the end of last summer.  So, summer is a completely different animal than it once was.  Now I have time plus time along with a little more time to do whatever want. 

I do put myself to good use with various civic and charitable efforts but I can also count on a ton of time for reading and sewing.  Work a little yard work, housework, and social time in there and I can still find a ton of sewing time. 

Lucky girl, I know. 

So, when I have lots of finishes to post don't wonder how I 'do it all'.  This is the easy stuff.  As for goals...I am still trying to work my way through projects left in limbo.  Finishing something that was already started is easy and sometimes surprisingly quick.

None of that explains why I've started a couple new projects! It just explains the overall number of finishes I seem to make happen.

I made this Journey bag from a pile of fabrics that I'd pulled out last year then set aside into one of those problem piles.  I don't want things out-of sight-out of mind.   So, it is still in keeping with my main goal...get those piles taken care of.

Then, because there are simply times when a project must be worked on....

I was late to the sew-along on Lori's blog but I've caught up.  I've even skipped ahead a little since I will be away for a couple weeks later this summer. 

It was this project that spurred me to complete the design wall I've had the pieces and parts just waiting for the right time to be assembled.

First...gotta hang my ribbon. 

I've placed the various Farm Girl Vintage blocks where they will fall in the finished sampler.

These little blocks are so darn cute and fun to make.  It's no wonder I caught up so quickly.

I am making mine 6 inches finished.  The pattern book includes instructions for both the 6 and 12 inch sizes.

Between farm girl blocks I finally assembled this top.  My quilt guild had a workshop where we started making these blocks from a jelly roll.  I just puttered along making blocks...usually while at a sewing day or retreat.  It was my go-to project to pack.

I had to invent a block to help make my diamonds merge.  It's right in the middle of the bottom section.  There is another one up along the right side but I don't think you can see it. 

This is the quilt that stayed on my long arm an extra week since I ran out of thread.  Well worth the wait.  

Without my 'hand model' it was hard to capture the true colors and the pattern of this quilt.  

I am sure I've finished a few things I've forgotten.  I'll try to look back and catch up.



  1. Even if I didn't work, I don't think I'd be as productive as you have been this summer, Pam! Such great looking projects and your finished quilt is stunning. I see some sunshine there--hope it sticks around for my sister's wedding on the 25th :)

  2. This quilt is so pretty! Are you going to take on quilting jobs since you have the long arm? I have an old quilt top that once was a tied quilt and I'm not sure what to do with it. It's probably smelling a mite musty by now since it's been in the attic for so long. Oh yeah, I'm not working and how much do you think I've accomplished this summer? I'm trying!