Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Summer winds down.

I have one measly photo of what I finished while on vacation.  Although, as you know from all my carping, these are not easy finishes for me.

I managed a few other things but, alas, you'll have to take my word for it.  Some days the challenge of finding the camera, preparing the work for photographing, then posting them takes more time than I'm interested in investing.  Sooner or later the time will be right.

We are in the final phase of summer here in Western NY.  I am working on all the charitable projects I'd hoped to leisurely complete over the summer along with squeezing in the last outdoor activities we'd hoped to take part in.  This last weekend alone we finally had dinner at a restaurant we'd been wanting to try, went to an outdoor music and wine event, and took part in a golf 'game' and picnic. 

This coming weekend I have quilts in another show so that involves trips to the store to drop off/pick up plus a trip to the show. 

Now that Buttercup is home from her summer camp job we need to focus our efforts on preparing her for her semester in Spain.  We will be making our own way to Europe for a big vacation, too.  So much planning ahead.

In the mean time...I am off to help distribute school supplies at a local elementary school.  More good deeds....and another convenient excuse for why I don't have pictures of my latest projects. 



  1. Good deeds are very good indeed! ;)
    Wow! What a semester. What a trip. It will be awesome!

  2. Glad you're plugging away at these chalkboard finishes, Pam, even though the fabric is tough to stitch on--this one is very cute!

    I'm sure your daughter is so excited to be going to Spain for the summer--and you'll have a wonderful visit, too. I'm not so crazy about the idea of visiting my youngest son when he is studying in Argentina this fall... Hopefully, I can work up some excitement :)

  3. Hi Pam - love the stitching. We have an RV in need of wall art - is there a pattern name you could share on this?