Saturday, August 29, 2015

Stitching progress.

While I am puttering along in slow motion with regards to any quilt projects, I have made headway with some cross stitch.

I took a break from A Year In Chalk and started a pattern that I've wanted to stitch from the minute I got it.

American Frontier by Tumbleweeds. Tumbleweeds is a division of Little House Needleworks.

This pattern has the Americana look I like.

Aside from a mistake in the bottom row, it was a pretty enjoyable piece to stitch.

I have two spots I spend time stitching.  A chair in my bedroom and a chair in the family room.  When the kids were in school I would stitch in my bedroom chair when they were getting home because I wanted to be nearby.  (Single storey cape cod style house.)  Now that the kids aren't around so much, I rarely stitch in there.  The end result is that whatever piece I keep by that chair can take forever.

Case and point....Sweet Land of Liberty by Sue Hillis.

I only have two children left but it took me all summer to do the other four.

I may have to move this to my other stitching chair in hopes of finishing it up asap. 

I am packing up American Frontier and a couple other finishes from earlier this year and heading to the frame shop.  I would love to have Sweet Land of Liberty finished by the time I go pick up this batch.  I think that means I need to move it to the family room stitching chair.



  1. I do exactly the same thing! In the summer, whatever is in the family room spot gets worked on during all the baseball games. This means at least 3 hrs every day! Upstairs in my room, I work on what's up then when I have some extra time during the day to stitch, which means not much. Sometimes takes quite a while for that upstairs piece to get finished so the rotation is definitely in order! Laura

  2. Beautiful cross stitch designs! I used to do tons of it and miss it when I see beauties like these! I love your comment about slow motion quilting when it comes to finishing seems that way for me too!