Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A finish.

I picked up Little House Needlework's 'Be Merry-Belle Pepper' on the spur of the moment while between 'A Year In Chalk' pieces.

I worked on it a little here and there then decided to finish it this past weekend.

This is where I started the weekend....

...and this is where I ended.

I replaced the name at the bottom of the sampler with the word 'Christmas' as charted in the pattern as an alternative.  The name 'Belle Pepper' just seemed weird.

I did leave the year of 1823 since I have no artistic skill or vision and couldn't decide on an alternative.

In the end I like how all the colors came together and look forward to getting it framed.

Happy Stitching.



  1. And it looks even prettier in person :) So glad I got to see you (and your finish) this weekend, Pam!!

  2. Really pretty! And I agree with your name change ;o)

  3. Just found you WOW love your finish of Belle Pepper, I have to say I have it in my stash and keep ignoring it ,I think like you the Belle Pepper does not appeal, however I love your Christmas Idea so maybe just maybe it will get started soon.