Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Sweet Land of Liberty by Sue Hillis has been framed.

In fact, it's been double framed.

Such a nice touch.

I haven't found a good spot for it yet.  The framer said I had to promise to keep it up year round.  I'm not so sure I can find it a year-round home, though.  I can hang it in my sewing room so it won't be completely hidden away.  In the summer I can find it a more prominent spot to showcase it.

My last Year in Chalk is almost finished.  I just need an hour or so then I can start considering how to finish all 12 so they can be changed monthly on their plaque.



  1. Awesome! Great choice on the frame.

  2. Oh, that is one wonderful frame for a darling finish, Pam!! Great eyes you and your framer have :)

  3. Ooooh, I love the double frame. It really makes the piece pop (and I already love it on its own). Beautiful!