Friday, October 9, 2015

As promised.

Boy, is today a bad day for photography.  Dark and rainy.

But, here goes.

Every now and again I pick up something small then it takes me ages to finish it because I set it aside again.  However it happens...the first two are just random pieces I had in the works that I've finished in recent days.

Reindeer Snow Globe by Bent Creek.  I still need to add a button and some beads.

Pie is a Lizzie Kate Boxer Jr kit.


12 A Year in Chalk pieces DONE.

I have printed the instructions to finish these so they can be displayed on their plaque and be swapped out monthly.  No guarantee as to how long that will take me!



  1. Awesome! I have been inspired by you this year with The Year In Chalk. I just may get the patterns and do them!

  2. You're stitching gangbusters lately! I wish you could package up some of that motivation and send it my way...Everything you've finished lately looks terrific.

    Can't wait to see you!! Two more weeks....

  3. Yay! You've finished the 12 months in spite of the fabric woes, Pam--November is so cute! Love the snowglobe, too... Can't wait to see what you're bringing to the retreat :)

  4. I love the snow globe piece. So cozy and cute, especially after you add the button. Fun!