Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Playing catch up with tons of pictures.

I really did have a small finish for April.  All the way finished, too.

This free pattern from The Drawn Thread is called Four Fat Friends.  I didn't always use the called for threads.  Sometimes the dye lot of the over dyed threads just didn't work quite right so I dug through my collection and just picked out something that would.

I finished it with a bit of this vintage lace I found at an antique mall.  (Below a couple pictures are the three trims I bought.)

Four Fat Friends is currently displayed with some other bird themed pieces.  One being this free pattern from years and years ago.  The pattern and designer name is long lost. It was a challenge offered by my local needlework shop.  I added the nest using random wools.  The robin is stitched with wool and I can see it is going by the way of the other pieces I showed a few months back.

Can you see how the fiber is dissolving away? So sad.

Here are the three trims I bought.  They were each $1.00 or $2.00.  I think I need to go get more.  To my road trip buddies...if you're reading this...we need to head to the town where I bought my machine and include a stop at a fun antique mall tucked into no-man's land that I'd never find on my own!

The piece I pulled out of my pile of unfinished finishes was this Camp Wannasew pattern by Erica Michael's exclusively for The Silver Needle's sewing retreat.  I left the words 'Camp Wannasew' off the bottom.

I've had this pattern kitted up for years.  I was going to disassemble it but then thought I really did like the woodsy look of the cabin.  It is currently tucked on the tree where I am accumulating all the ornaments for the year.  It really isn't an ornament, though.

In the world of all things guilty...I've finished another Frivols. Month 3/Eliza's Indigo Frivols.

I pieced this in Florida, took one look at it and thought it was uglier than ugly.  I folded it up and brought it home. As I attempt to quilt everything in the quilt line-up I put it on the machine and did the cutest little Baptist fan...which is my current favorite quilt pattern.

As ugly as I thought the top was, I did really like the backing.

Well, the jokes on me because here it is on my living room area rug.

In fact, it matches in that room quite nicely.

What can I say?

Stitching and sewing have been sparse.  I've made 6 quilt tops for the charity group I work with.  We will break for summer soon so those can go on the back burner for now.

I am slowing stitching away on a couple pieces I will show eventually.

In the mean time...happy stitching.



  1. I always love a post with a lot of photos, Pam! Really cute bird finish--those are some fat robins there :) And if you don't like your quilt, you can send it to me--I think it's beautiful! That is quite impressive that you've already made 6 quilt tops for charity...